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Paint Your Dragon!

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11 minutes ago, alchemist said:

Paint Your Dragon?


Wasn't that the title of the musical where Lee Marvin sang I Was Born Under a Wandering Monster ?



You win.

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6 hours ago, Gadgetman! said:

Seems you need to have a facebork account to read anything about it...

I don't have a FB account.  I can read the text in the "About" section, but not the "Discussion" section.  Can you read the "About"?  I'm copying and pasting it below.


This contests starts NOW! The September date is the end but I can't make and event ending that far out from now! You can turn in your photo as soon as you finish!

Model to paint for this event:
Any Reaper Dragon!

1st Place $150 e-gift certificate to the Reaper on-line store.
2nd Place $75 e-gift certificate to the Reaper on-line store.
3rd and 4th Place $50 e-gift certificate to the Reaper on-line store.

Reaper’s Choice $25 [This award may or may not be given, and may be given to more than one entry per contest. It a special merit award for an entry we think should get a prize too that doesn’t win by likes]

Please limit the amount of converting you do to your model. We are trying to paint the Reaper models in this contest. For instance, weapon swaps or head swaps are allowed.

Base the model any way you choose.

Submit the one best picture of your finished model to [email protected] whenever you are ready with the last day being September 29th 2017. A gallery will be posted to the group after the deadline date. After the contest ends feel free to add additional shots to the gallery. Do not post any pictures to the event (or anywhere else) until the event ends (see below).

Facebook sharing:
You can share the gallery but do not share your photo by itself. Please respect the spirit of the vote. If you tell all of your freinds to vote for you instead of the ones they like the best, then you aren't really wiining are you? I can't stop someone else from sharing your photo so that doesn't matter.

Please submit entries to [email protected] by end of day Friday, Septamber 29th.

When submitting your picture feel free to send them in, in a larger size. I'll resize and crop where needed, but a large pictures ends up looking better!

Suggestion: Make the focus of your photo the miniature itself. Cool bases are cool bases but are not your painted entry. A good closeup is better than a distant shot to show off your base. This is only a suggeastion and you can do whatever you want.

Be sure to include your full name with your submission.

The gallery will be posted in the main Reaper Group Facebook page on Monday October 2th as soon as possible (or sooner) and voting will end October October 6th at 6 pm CDT. 

To vote: The voting is based on total likes for your photo.

Please do not post your photos (or work in progress shots) in other forums until after this event ends. The event ends when the winners are announced.

The Pictures with the most likes win.

Please keep your comments positive and respectful.

If you have any questions, please write to me at [email protected] I may or may not see your questions if they are posted in the group or event only.

Quantities of a model may be limited in our store. Don't feel guilty about finding it elswhere. Remeber, no matter where you buy it from it oiginally came form us!

Reaper reserves the right to disqualify any entry for any reason.
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On 5/7/2017 at 5:33 AM, JackMann said:

I'm almost tempted to pull out my resin Nethyrmaul for this. Then again, I'm not sure that'd be allowed, since it's not among the listed dragons.

You can enter that one for sure.   As well as the resin Mal'Drakar if you have one.

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  • Moderator

From Matt's pinned post on the facebook contest page:


Here's a listing of Reaper Dragons. I don't think I left anything out!

Current Production (metal / Bones)
2017 Scorpius Rex Dracus
2069 Nachtlefte
2193 Abyzarran
2203 Hydra
2299 Blacksting
2377 Wy'zem
2453 Guardian Dragon
2457 Amber Dragon
2516 Tortoise Dragon
2549 Narthalyssk
2593 / 77329 Silver Dragon
2705 Skeletal Dragon
2717 / 77109 Fire Dragon
2730 Cavern Crawler
2788 Dragon Lion
2794 Oriental Dragon
2802 Dragon Hatchlings
2854 Baby Dragons
2864 / 77108 Shadow Dragon
2929 Zalonix
3000 Kyra and Lavawrath / Bones 3
3005 Cavern Dragon
3264 Roderic and Glitter
3350 Young Forest Dragon
3410 Dragon Familiar
3430 Young Swamp Dragon
3487 Dragonette
3539 Brood Dragon
3593 Pharaoh Dragon
3644 Skeletal Dragon
3649 Forest Dragon Hatchling
3651 Storm Dragon Hatchling
3659 Wyvern
3664 Fire Dragon Hatchling
3670 Western Desert Dragon
3691 Ice Dragon Hatchling
3694 Swamp Dragon
3703 / 77397 Dracolisk
3720 / Bones 3 Temple Dragon
14260 Wyvern
14493 Dragon Turtle
14445 / 77191 Hydra
60028 / 89001 Pathfinder: Red Dragon
60056 / 89016 Jabberwock

Bones Only current production
77026 Young Fire Dragon
77102 Ebonwrath
77110 Deathsleet
77177 Wyrmgear, Clockwork Dragon
77190 Nethyrmaul
77192 Kaladrax (new Sculpt)
77271 Blue Dragon Hatchling
77272 Green Dragon Hatchling
77273 Black Dragon hatchling
77274 Red Dragon Hatchling
77279 Narthrax
77323 Blightfang
77328 Cinder
77334 Dragon Tortoise
77361 Verocithrax
77381 New Dragon's Don’t Share

Old Metal (no longer cast)
Old Dragon's Don’t Share
Druid Stone
Kaladrax (Old sculpt)

Old Metal now in Bones 3

Bones 3
Kyphrixis in Clear
Ma'Al Drakar
T'Raukzul (new sculpt)

Also various familiars dragons from the familiar packs

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