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Probably because it involves SeaTac and a scheduling snafu.


Did I say three PM? I don't remember. I'm pretty sure I did, but I hate FB's messenger service and I swear by dog it scrambles my brain just using the - oh, look. I got an answer. @#%@#! *wanders off muttering rude comments*


ETA: ... they will check their schedule and get back to me in the morning. Have I mentioned how much I despise FB's messenger recently? Because I really, REALLY despise it.

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3 hours ago, knarthex said:

So did you all paint today?


We did! I slapped more paint on Chryswingia - whatever she's called - that winged Everblight girl outta the warmahordes set... and got a decent start on doing armor on a valkyr .. something or other. Darksword, Elmore. I forget the details.


We had fun! We elected to stage a retreat before the Magic players overran the place.


Anyway. Next go-round! I am going to try and get them to do the first; which should be doable, if we keep the same general schedule (show up around two or three, stay until the place is overrun by cardboard-collecting nutcases  Magic players).

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