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77058 Almaran the Gold (My 5e Human Paladin)

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Thanks everyone! I am going to try and retouch the shield a bit (it looked almost cartoonishly bright) and work on the base.


But yes, I am massively happy with the "blue flame".

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Nice work! The armor and flame sword are especially nice, but my favorite part is his hair. Those strong highlights really stand out, especially from the front. 

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    • By Aquaknightus
      I have only painted a handful of figs before this one. With this figure I tried using a wash for the first time (on the armor). I am not sure how to go about putting him on a nice base like others have done. The figure already has the small base attached to his feet. Otherwise I am somewhat satisfied with the final result. It just seems lacking without a base. 

      This figure was painted to update my AD&D Paladin that I painted nearly 40 years ago when I was a lot younger hand had some Testors enamel paints and a lead figure of a Paladin. 

    • By Crowley
      While I still need to do his base, I finished of this pretty boy. 

    • By Crowley
      I decided to bring a travel paint kit to work so that I can paint during lunch.

      I picked an assortment of (mostly Reaper) colors mostly based on what I had doubles of... these paints will likely rotate based on what I'm painting or what I feel like I need more of, but currently I have:
      Sapphire Blue Burgundy Wine Heraldic Red Marigold Yellow Pumpkin Orange Golden Glow Tanned Leather Fair Skin Grass Green Vampiric Highlight Warpaints White Cloudy Grey Walnut Brown Ebony Flesh New Gold Dragon Copper Warpaints Armor Honed Steel Flow Improver Brown Liner I also have 2 brushes, a GW Starter Brush (size 1 or 2 I think?) and a no name size 000.

      I figure if I can get even 10-15 minutes 5 days a week, I should be able to knock out tabletop level paint jobs on a mini a week. We'll see how it goes this week.

      The minis are Devona 77036 and Almaran the Gold, Paladin 77058

      And after the first week, these are my thoughts:
      Bring a bigger brush for base coating or base coat at home. Base the minis first so there's something to hold onto! Need to find somewhere to stash them while they dry. Need to get a pin to unclog tips Tanned leather doesn't cover well over liner
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