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Now that the Marid and Hippocampus chariot is finished, it's time to move on to the next project: the Tiik! I picked up five of them (one is a baron) and would like to paint them in exotic color schemes. Here are a few that I have found:






Anyone else have some cool ideas? I'm avoiding clownfish because I don't want Nemo in my army...

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How about the deadly and invasive Lionfish? Lots of fun stripes and dots to paint. They range in color from brown to almost red. 




Sorry, most tropical fish colors just seem cutesy to me. 

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Cichlids are territorial and agressive fish. They also have amazing color schemes. The second picture you show is a group shot of discus fish, which are part of the cichlid group.







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    • By Citrine
      This bunch was fun to paint, evil creatures from the deep is always a good thing to have on hand as a DM.

    • By Rigel
      Can't make Deep One hybrids without Deep Ones; that just stands to reason. Got these fishy Bones fellas before the Bones Deep Ones came out. Probably overdid the metallics, and will probably do so again. 

      77215, Eregris Darkfathom I painted up first; did not notice it's a cultist in a fish suit; thought the face was part of the mouth.  I do like the flowing robes and the coral scabbard. 

      77187, the Tiik Champion, is a delight. Huge and hunched-over, with a Dunkleosteus profile, truly a terrifying beast from an elder era. 

      77186, the Tiik Warrior, I'm pretty pleased with. 77212, the Baron, I should probably revisit and put some shiny razzamatazz on his fins one of these days. 

      There's one more fishy friend I need to post, but for reasons probably more aesthetic than biological, she is NSFW and will need to be linked.
    • By Kev!
           Little brother to the three gilly groats buff...

      Thank you all,
      P.S. This was done during Paint Club at Reaper HQ
    • By Kev!
       If something works for me, I stick with it...

      Thank you,
      P.S. The plants are from the Safari Ltd. Cambrian Life toob
    • By Kev!
         Champ of a different color...

      P.S. @Pingo from the Safari Ltd Cambrian Life Toob
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