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Mother's Day homage from 03233

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Thanks all for your kind comments!  Keep the guesses coming, no one got it yet - but good ideas so far!


I think I should give a hint.  The color in the bag is silver (tmm) though I since hit it with a brown wash.  So it looks a little more like foil wrapped objects now.  There are two letters on the bag (sideways) that I tried to freehand.  They aren't super good, but you can tell if you already know what you're looking for.  They are the last two letters spelling out what's in the bag (imagine the bag has been torn open and the other letters have been ripped off or are folded over.) 


l will reveal by May 14 if no one gets it before then.

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So I gave mom her mini.  She was pleased I think.  Wants to get a glass bubble thing to put over the top.  I should have thought of that.


So the bag was supposed to be a bag of Hershey's kisses.  There was no way I was going to fit the whole word kisses on it so I just did the last two letters.  Shiny foil wrapped chocolates inside.  My mom is a big chocolate fan.  Plus kisses for mother on Mother's Day.  How appropriate.  Thanks for playing along everyone!  

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