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77386: Andriessa, Female Wizard

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Nice effect of shading on the legs.




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post at the wrong place. sorry

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    • By Pochi
      Here is the mage/wizard/sorceress in my Dragons Don't Share 2 adventuring party. She was fun to paint. I wanted a diverse group so I gave her more of a Mediterranean skin tone and ombre hair. I am still trying to decide if I want to give her a spell effect in her giant hand. It doesn't bother me as much now that it is painted so not sure if I will go ahead with a spell effect or leave her as is. I tried a little freehand on her scarf/cape thing. They aren't quite even but I was relatively happy with the design so am leaving it alone. I am getting a dvd so hopefully my freehand will improve.
      C&C welcome!




    • By Erifnogard
      One of the things I love about Frostgrave is that you can use pretty much anything model wise.  With the ridiculous ease of converting bones, I decided that I want to work on an Arachnid (Drider) warband for whenever I cycle into a new wizard down the road.  This is the first beginnings of the first three models.  This is the all the cutting and assembly done on a wizard, apprentice, and a knight.  I build all of them on Arachnid Warrior lower bodies with the wizard using Liella the Dark Elf Wizard, the apprentice using Andriessa the Female Wizard, and the knight using Cassiatta for their upper bodies.  basically just cut off their legs and shaved a bit to get them to match torso length with the female arachnid archer's body.  had to cut some of Cassiatta's shield out and readjust her arms and I will need to redo the wizard staffs. Some other minor green stuff work needed but they are far enough along that you can get the picture.

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