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77172: Malek Necromancer (New to Painting)

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Looks like you have the basics of washing and drybrushing down, these are solid paint jobs. This guy would look great on the gaming table.


But you asked how to improve. I would say the main thing is to increase the contrast between light and dark. For example, by doing a targeted wash in the folds of his cloak, where it would be very dark. Also instead of drybrushing to get the highlights, try layering where you gradually build up the bright highlights using thin coats of lighter paint.

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Nice mini overall. If i am to nit pick, i would say the cloak looks very flat with little contrast among the folds. You may try any number of things in this case. A strightforeward way would be to add a brown or green to the main colour, water it down and glaze the deep folds to give it more shadows. this would give the raised folds  a little pop as you have "pushed' the deep folds back. Alternatively you can add a VERY small white or yellow to the red you current use. This may make your reds look more pink or orange at first. dont worry because, if that were the case, you can apply a glaze with very watered down the red you currently use. Or you could do both those things and pop the contrast even more.  I hope this helps.  

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Great job.  Be critical of yourself.  By that I mean that you will want to look at other peoples work and compare it to your own.  If they are doing something you like, figure out how they are doing it (or ask, everyone on here will be super helpful) and copy that styling.  Most importantly have fun and grow at your own pace.  I look at some of the art here, even by some novice painters, and almost cuss because its so much better than what i do.  But I learn and experiment and progress.

Paint the way you like.

Helpful hint- when you use any color the first time, dunk the tip of the white lid in that color.  It will be easier to find in your box'o' bottles.

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