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03100: Thanis the Bonecaller (New to Painting)

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Excellent work. I don't think your terrible at all painting faces. It's not my favorite either. For dotting pupils I actually don't use a brush. I take a safety pin and get just a dab of paint on the tip. Then I hold my breath and go for it.....lol.

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On 5/8/2017 at 1:00 PM, darkangelx387 said:

Thank you, I decided with this one I don't really like painting faces I'm terrible at it any pointers and brush sizes you could recommend for detail would be great. 

Nice work! 

Look into Rosemary & Co series 33 brushes.

A size 2, a 1, and a 0 should be all you need. 

A good point on a brush is much more important than a tiny brush.

I regularly do eyes with a size 1, and have done them with a 2...

The larger brushes have more 'BELLY ' and so hold more paint.

Look in the Craft Corner section of the website under resources for the Betty Davis Eyes article. 

It will help you out with eyes!

It helps me save what little sanity I have left...


Here's the Link

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