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02868: Eldritch Demon (New to Painting)

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Okay I officially hate you since you are painting this good as a new painter.


Seriously though, looks really good, the wings in particular look great!

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Purple text means joke!

Just to be sure you get that...before you run away...


It looks great, you're doing fine!

I would love to see a painted/flocked base to enhance the mini.


Keep posting your work!



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1 hour ago, darkangelx387 said:

Thanks everyone, I learned a lot from this one I really don't like how the blue swirls came out. I'm not sure how I could have done it better but it doesn't look as good as I was thinking it would lol


The blue swirls look alright to me. I would maybe try going over them again in a lighter blue (like almost white) with a very fine brush. That will make them stand out more from the skin.

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The blue swirls look awesome to me. The figure turned out very well. 


Since you asked how to do better, I'll give the usual advice, and the advice which is still what pretty much all painters strive towards. I work on improving it on every figure.  

Here it is: more shading and highlighting. It will make each feature more distinct. The tentacles will get scarier, the arms seem more muscled, the wings more prominent.


Great start, and welcome to painting! Excellent choice of figures :) 

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