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Somewhere around here, I saw an article... rather good one... where someone took a Reaper monk figure and made a pretty good looking Jedi figure out of it.

I've found myself thinking about Star Wars figures as of late, and I have found myself wondering: What figures does Reaper make, Bones or otherwise, that would manage a reasonable or easy conversion into Star Wars characters, or even generic space opera folks?

Ideas? Suggestions? Pictures?

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 Well, obviously, the IMEF and NOVA Corp figures make for good "rebels" and "stormtroopers" with the right paint job, and Reaper does have a few figures that are specifically meant to be space opera types (not to mention the Nanos and Murden from the Numenera line)... The Bathalians make for great alien bad guys.


02246: Elquin the Daring makes for a decent Jedi if you use a bit of greenstuff to make the hem of his tunic straight, and you could also use him for some sort of official wearing a robe of office as well.  His clothing is generic enough that a bit of modification could let him fit into a lot of different settings, both fantasy and space opera... Paint him in blacks and stick a few sci-fi bits on him and he could be a Techno-mage from B5.


02732: Kazumi, Male Monk's outfit is generic enough that he could be almost anything from a moisture farmer to a resistance fighter depending on what you replace his staff with. Add a couple of square or rectangular pouches to his belt or a couple of gizmos...


02836: Piers, Young Mage has a very high-concept space opera look to him once you remove the staff - he could be holding a blaster and a rapier... He has a Dune sort of feel to him.


02807: Lamann, Sorceror kind of has a Techno-mage thing going on. With the right bits, he could be a lot of different types of npc.


03095: Damar, Adventuring Mage sort of has a Kylo Ren thing going on... He'd make a good Sith if you replaced the gear on his belts with sci-fi bits and turned his book into a couple of rectangular pouches.


03504: Karahl Farstep, Wizard has sort of a Jedi thing going on.


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