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Garden Variety bones (77345 and 77184)

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WIP #1 was animals.  

WIP #2 will be plants.  


Until Bones 3 arrives, I only have 2 sets of plant creatures.  Spirit of the Forest and Mushrooms (a 3 pack).  I decided to warm up with the fun guys.  First sliced some mold lines.  Not too bad and not being super picky with these.  Here they are ready for their bath.




After some hot water and a scrub with the old toothbrush, I mounted them each on their own homemade holder.




staff on the big one was noticeably less bent after the hot water rinse.


then they got a diluted coat of brown liner.




next up... Base coats.

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When choosing colors for the fungus, I felt drawn to secondary colors: green, purple, orange.  So I figured, why not one of each?  I knew I couldn't resist pulling out my new favorite color, alien goo, but didn't want to overdo it, so decided to make the smallest one green.  Also, even though orange is my favoritest color, it's not a real easy color to paint.  So I did not want the big one to be orange, so middle one it is! That leaves purple for the big one with the staff.  Here they are after a coat of spruce green, holly berry, and witchcraft purple, respectively.  




Then I turned my attention to the littlest mushroom and started applying black green for some shadows and lining.  Did not get a picture at this point.  But then when that was dry I pulled out the alien goo. I wanted the shelf fungus on its back as well as the gills below there cap to be glowing with this bright color.  Here's where it's at right now:








Will definitely need to go over it some more and possibly highlight with something even lighter(!) but I'm liking the look so far.  


Okay, lights out for now.

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Thanks Xherman and Chaoswolf!


Continuing with little greenie, I put peacock green and moldy skin next to each other on the palette and worked from dark to light (having already shaded with black green). I think what I'm trying to do is "wet blending" though I'm more experimenting with it than applying an actual learned technique.  By the time I was highlighting with moldy skin it was less wet and appears less well-blended.  







Next I pulled out the alien goo again and fixed what I had messed up in the previous step and tried for a little glowy effect again.  Might have gone too far with it in the "face" area.








Still, I'm happy enough with it to move on to the next larger model.

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Up next... Orange.  Before getting started, snapped a quick pic of he cap where I'd laid down some purple left over from the big one last time.  image.thumb.jpg.9c115d443b185a958e99615ddfb8710a.jpg


Im liking the holly berry color, but needs more orange so I put holly berry next to hearth flame on the palette (which is really just a shallow glass bowl).  I should have taken more pictures at this point since I know I did a bit of shading and lining with a mix of walnut brown and holly berry after getting the orange on and then going over it again with the orange.  Also the "gills" got a mix of ginger cookie and hearth flame and then the same wash.  Here it is at any rate.








I will probably move on to "big purple" tomorrow night and may even get started on the "spirit of the forest" before coming back to these.  I may be tempted to call them done (except for he bases) but I have a feeling more purple will sneak its way onto them as I work on the big 'un.

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Thank you Chaoswolf! I am glad the spots are sculpted on the figure - saves me from having to decide how many, where, and how big.  I just pick a color.


Well, after a delicious dinner of shiitake mushroom bahn mi, I was in the mood to take on big purple.  Here's where I left off last time:




Some green from the smallest shroom made its way onto the spots on its cap and toward the top of the staff.  Also something dark (black green maybe?) got painted on the rough lichenous patches on the cap as well.


I started tonight's session with moldy skin on the stalks of the mini mushrooms on its cap and staff.  Also on the shelf fungus on its back and above the "face".  Then using a mix of violet shadow and witchcraft purple I started shading/lining.  






Next I layered on some midtones to highlights using various mixtures of violet shadow, spectral white, and witchcraft purple.  






Needs more color!

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Here's where I stopped snapping pics and started grabbing paint.  Here's what I can remember (out of order I'm sure):


I used holly berry on the caps of some of the mini shrooms, and later spotted them with blue flame.  


Palimino gold went on the lichen on the cap, some tendrils on the staff and main body.  This was hit with a wash of ruddy brown (so were the green shrooms on the staff, which looked really great when wet but dulled down a lot when dry.)


Blue flame was also used to lighten some peacock green for the spots on the cap. 


Moldy skin was used on the main body of the staff (washed with peacock green) and the shell/larva thing?  On its cap.  


I know some indigo blue made it into some glazes on the body and possibly on the cap as well.  At any rate, here it is as of tonight.  










Next I'll have to work on the bases and crack open the blister for the treant.  If I had any energy left tonight is start trimming mold lines...


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O woe is me, I've bitten off more than I can chew.  


Tldr: I made a diorama with the treant and it'll be a doozy to paint. Skip to the pictures if you don't want to be bored by a story made longer than it needs to be.


It started simple.  Trim some mold likes, wash in warm soapy water.  I just wanted to get the Spirit of the Forest (henceforward referred to as trunky) assembled, based and ready for primer by tomorrow.  The remainder of the evenin would be spent painting the bases of the fungi.  


I guess I just got carried away with the putty.  First, I'll mention I am using procreate here because that's what I've got.  Ran out of green stuff a while back and haven't replenished. The "grey stuff" seems to work okay, but maybe it's the proportions I used but it was awful resistant to my efforts to shape it.  


Anyway, I mixed up way too much.  Very little is needed for assembly and gap-filling.  I wanted to use a Happy Sepuku stamp for the base and could not decide between the stream and he forest base, so I did half and half and planned to incorporate a few elements along the borders.  Trunky for one, a few small stones, a squirrel.  Ah, I forgot to mention that I discovered in the same box as the mushrooms was a pack of familiars.  This pack included a squirrel.  I can't not put the squirrel either on trunk itself or on he base.  Base would be more of a stable home.  So that was decided.  But if I was gonna have a squirrel on the base, I should also do a koi.  


Let me explain.  No, let me sum up.  Last weekend was free comic book day.  One of the comics acquired was squirrel girl.  Spoiler alert!  In it she teams up with Koi Boy.  There.  Now it should make perfect sense why the base would have not just a squirrel but also a small pool surrounded by rocks next to the stream with a koi in it.  


Okay so I go to place the squirrel, giving it a grey stuff stump to stand on.  I turn it his way, I turn it that way.  Hmm.  It looks best turned somewhat toward trunky.  While I thought it would be a background element, it actually seems to be in conversation with the treant.  Chattering away, spreading the rumors.  Oh well, whatever, I move on to stick more rocks down and try to figure out what else to do withy grey stuff.  Maybe a fallen log?  Or part of one.  Would that be too much alongside such a big tree creature?  Or what if...  


Oh, so maybe there's another animal that belongs on this base.  It needs something on he other side from the koi pool.  You know, for balance.  There is a cute bunny in the same familiar pack, but it would have to be off to the side so as not to upstage the squirrel and really it might be better to save to go with a character, so anyway no to the bunny.  What about a bones familiar?  Yes, a bird would be nice.  It could go over here filling in an area that seems to be missing something.  Oh but now look.  It seems that squirrel and bird are together reporting to trunky about happenings in the forest.  Trunky looks angry with those tight fists.  Ah, it's not a fallen log, it's a chopped down tree. Ooh all it needs is an axe.  Found one on this sprue of barbarians that came with the last Frostgrave nickstarter.  Snip.  And my grey stuff logs are not at all well sculpted, but here I'll cut the non-business end off of the hill giant's club (it was an extra arm - my hill giant came with two of the same arm and none of the other arm.  No worries, reaper fixed it.)  Let me just stick that back here and.  Oh my!  How in the world am I gonna paint this thing I've created?  


The moral of the story is:. Plan your diorama before you mix up the grey stuff.








ps - I did put some grey paint on the mushrooms' bases.  But not enough work to take pictures.  The morel of this story is: don't stay up late working on your WIP every night and get some decent sleep for once.


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Ah, I see, so the woodland critters are reporting to Trunky about the terrible tree-chopping monster loose in the forest. I love it!! ^_^


The size of your diorama is good too; it's easy to fall into the trap of making them too spread out, but the action scene in yours is nice and tight. I'm excited to see how this develops! 



--OneBoot :D

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Good work on the purple mushroom man!


I like the idea behind your diorama, as well as how it's put together.

Looking forward to seeing it get some paint.

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