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77380: Khanjira


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1 hour ago, hdclearman said:

I agree.  Great work on the eyes.  I've had my own moderate success, but eyes are still a point of frustration for me.


18 minutes ago, Xherman1964 said:

Love it!


Great eyes and a good job overall!!!


Thank you both! The eyes were a bit of more luck than anything. Anything smaller and they wouldn't have looked nearly as nice.

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Awesome paint job.  Especially tackling it fully assembled.   Gotsta gets me one of those... be worth the tariff just to see the look on my players faces... <walks off mumbling and chuckling evilly>

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9 hours ago, CorallineAlgae said:

Holy cow, what a beast! Somehow yours looks extra armored! Very nice.

Honestly, I'm too terrified of painting this guy to even take it out of the box. >.<


I was too but Husband needs him for his final 13th Age session in the very near future. So of course I painted him months ago so I wouldn't be caught up in it last minute. Which was a very good idea seeing as we just got our Bones 3 order yesterday and I am now slated to paint 9 giants before "sometime in June."


And thanks for the kind words everybody! 

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