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77328: Cinder (White)


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Very cool.  I like the white over blue like ice on top of a lake of ice melt. Though I can almost imagine a fire dragon so hot it burns blue.  Oh no, which resistance do I choose?


I confused myself at first, thinking "Deathsleet's claw doesn't go that high up and back, does it?"  Then I re-read the title of the post.  


Loving your dragons! Got any others cooking?

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7 hours ago, Pezler the Polychromatic said:

Beautiful work as always, Sirithiliel.


Which dragons have you not done yet?


you mean of all Reaper dragons? or all reaper Bones dragons?

Well it'd be easier to list the ones I have done xD which is every Bone 1 and 2 dragon now. I do have a pewter dragon, the Amber Dragon i think he is, but he's my only pewter one.


I am not going to get two of Bones 3 dragons though, sadly. I should've just pledged for them but i had to pick and choose with limited funding. I'll have to pick them up at retail

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    • By joepacelli
      So my wife finished painting a second dragon.
      She is really starting to enjoy painting the miniatures and is looking forward to the Bones 4 next year.
      Trying to decide what miniatures to hold her over till next year.
      I've only got a handful left, Diabolus the Devil Dragon(which I plan to paint) and about 5 other miniatures

    • By hosercanadian
      Something I haven't done on the forum before is actually do a WIP that shows me working through the stages on a model.  So, to hopefully get my advice and motivation, I will document my progress on Cinder.
      As I am normally focused mostly on table-top quality, and rushing through things, this will be a big change for me.
      Any advice or criticism appreciated.
      Today I have the first layers done.  I am going more for a black and purple dragon (think Disney's Sleeping Beauty).  The scales will be highlighted with dark purples to still read black but be unified, while the belly and wing membranes will be purple.  The first base coat of black/purple has been laid down but my poor photography and really subtle transition are lost in the photos.

    • By Sirithiliel
      Speedpainting these two to try and get them done and given to the friend they belong to before we move. 

    • By LordJosh
      A few days ago, I got to clean up and glue up my copy of Cinder. Very few mold lines that were easily taken care of with my Exacto knife (side note: I have been very happy with the quality of Bones 2 minis so far). I used a little Tamiya Putty White to fill the gaps, and since then, I have based him with a dark blue grey. Plan is to go with a fairly classic Blue scheme for the colors.

    • By Sirithiliel
      Starting a WIP for my dragon Cinder
      He's going to be a white dragon =P 
      I'm basing him on a Secret Weapon base i got, that looks like it'd be a nice snowy scape. Plus, it is much more stable than the base Cynder came with (which I cut up and made into rocks on my Blightfang's base)

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