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This is another mob build for our games of Gorkamorka.  This one is a more traditional mob made of orks and vehicles, no grots allowed.


Goffs are pretty straightforward, even for orks.  They don't go for subterfuge, most of them don't even know what that means let alone understand the concept or why you would want to fight that way.  They are the epitome of orkiness, believing that might is right, that the biggest and toughest should run the show and that arguing the point will just get ya a fat lip with a few less teef behind it.  Now all orks view life this way to an extent but the goffs live it.  Hand to hand, usually to the death, is their favorite way of settling any sort of dispute.  While they understand there is a need for longer ranged combat it is viewed more as a sort of crippling or distracting tactic used to let the goffs get close enough to get stuck in.


Understanding this about them I wanted their trukk to be a sort of ork delivery system.  I decided that the ork crew should be right at the front of the vehicle for easy disembarkation into hand to hand.  In game there will be no different rules for the trukk but will look truly proppa for goffs.


I had a rough idea how I was going to make this work but as usual I just jumped in without blueprints and started the build.  As per the directions the tires and frame are assembled first but this is where the standard trukk stops, I even went with a third party engine.




As with most of my trukks I removed the middle suspension and cleaned up the frame.




This made the perfect place for the engine to sit centrally on the frame.




This made the distance between engine and rear axle super short so I had to cut down the drive shaft to almost nothing.




I ended up cutting even more out of the drive shaft to finally make a fit.




This set the rear axle at a strange angle but with the tires in place you can't tell.






Moving to the front axle now to make sure everything sits at an angle that still makes the trukk look like a hotrod I was fairly certain I was not going to be able to use the axle as is out of the box.  Setting it in place proved this to be the case as the front of the trukk was actually higher than the rear end, with the tires in place this would have made it pretty much level.  Not really acceptable for this trukk.






Looking at the front axle I could see that just flipping it over may work, which would be great as it would mean an easier fix than trying to rebuild a cut up axle.  This had the trukk sitting pretty much level which means with the tires on would leave the rear end jacked up as I wanted.






Alright, with the trukk sitting pretty much as I wanted I could move back to the engine.  I needed to set the radiator somewhere and decided to just try to sit it right in front of the engine.  This actually worked pretty well with just some very minor removal of some rivets off the frame and some bending of the radiator hose.




I needed to attach the nitrous tank somewhere but this engine has no flat places for any sort of attachment.....what better place than to just have it dump into the fuel tank!




Next up was the exhaust, the right side was perfect for the stock pipes, the left side not so much so.






The problem here is that the pipe is in the way of the tire being able to sit right on the axle.




I had originally thought I would be able to run it just behind and above the tire to come out the rear end like this.




Which would have been cool had it worked.  Now I am considering something more like this.




The problem with this is that I was worried that it would be in the way of the central cockpit that I was thinking of building for the driver.  In the end I went with this instead.




With this settled I moved on to the construction of the cockpit. I started by cutting the front of the cockpit piece from the trukk kit up into the larger pieces, getting rid of the central connection piece and tracing the shape of the two pieces glued together onto some plasticard.  I lost a pic of the front cockpit piece.






It sits nicely onto the frame after cutting all the rivets and bolt heads off and adding a spacer to each of four plates on the frame to give just the slightest bit more height, mostly so the driver could see over the engine.




Time to start adding some of the driver controls to the cockpit.  The steering column and the floor mounted gear selector were fitted with the help of the driver.




A rear panel, a windscreen and side roll bars added to get the feel of the cockpit.  The driver is not glued and won't be as they need to be removable for game purposes.






I realized at this point that I have no where to put a gunner, I didn't want to put him in the front crew compartment with the rest of the boyz.as he would take up enough space for two boyz that way.  Giving some thought to this I decided that using the rear of the drivers cockpit was the only option at this point.  More thought and some time playing with some bits I actually found a use for the mostly standard gunners turret of the trukk kit.  Playing with this piece and some tubing I created a sort of rear turret that I got involved in the build deep enough to not take pictures of the process.  I may need to reinforce this as it just sort of hangs off the back end and is only attached by the pipe frame and the front of the turret plate.




Moving on to the front of the trukk and the crew compartment made me realize that it would have to be a multi level deck with a lower central area sitting on the frame and raised areas over the wheels.  I wanted the deck to be long enough and wide enough to be able to hold six to eight orks,  With the 25mm bases and the wide orks this meant that the deck needed to be roughly three inches by three inches.  With that in mind I cut the central piece to get a feel for how this would look on the frame.




While this appears very long it actually puts the total length of the vehicle at just two inches longer than the digga trukk, which is roughly one inch longer than the standard build of the trukk.  At this point I got into the build and forgot that I even had a camera nearby.  Here is the final overall shape of the vehicle with some minor details started.








Comparison shots with the digga trukk.  Same width and just slightly longer.






The big shoota/weapon connection sorted and magnetized.  The gunner is not glued in place as removal may be needed during the game.




A bull skull with big horns is the goff clan symbol so of course the trukk needed one.  If I can find a larger one I'll switch it out in a heartbeat.




That is where I left this yesterday and all it needs now is rivets and some plating here and there to look more ramshackle and proppa.


The boyz and nobz will be built after I get the trukk finished.  Oh yes, that is another big difference the goffs have to other mobs, they can have two additional nobz in the mob.  Other ork clanz can have only a single nob to lead them into battle.


Well, hope you guys enjoy my mad mek workshops as much as I do.


Until next time.

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Looks like a right proppa party truck to me! :lol: That driver is gonna have to be sure to keep his head down while driving, in case the gunner gets over excited. Excellent work as always! 



--OneBoot :D

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17 hours ago, Xherman1964 said:

You're having fun, don't you?


That means you're doing it right!!!


Fun is the only reason to do this stuff imo!  Doin' it right may be a stretch but definitely doin' it orky!  Sometimes I look back at the builds and realize I did something the "hard way" but very rarely go back and fix or change anything.  Its all part of the learning process for me.  I love it.


12 hours ago, Chaoswolf said:

What he said!!


Good work so far, I think it's pretty neat seeing how you're able to come up with different vehicles based off the same kit.


Thanks Wolf, this kit is so versatile it is very easy to convert it into something else.  I converted three of these into buggies a few years back, if I can find pics I will post them too.


11 hours ago, Rahz said:

Another amazing build and awesome step by step documentation!  I find once I get going, I quickly forget to document what I've done.  You've got some great skills!


Thanks Rahz, I start out with great intentions of documenting everything then get into the heat of the build and find it difficult to put the knife and glue down long enough to take pics.


9 hours ago, OneBoot said:

Looks like a right proppa party truck to me! :lol: That driver is gonna have to be sure to keep his head down while driving, in case the gunner gets over excited. Excellent work as always! 



--OneBoot :D


Hahaha!  I warned you that orkiness is contagious and now look, we have you speaking in starter ork!  Just looking at the enthusiasm that gunner has with his axe swung high over head I think you are correct...good thing there are rules for loss of driver and other crew taking over the position in game huh!?!


I just realized I forgot to add the handle and trigger to the big shoota, good thing this isn't going to paint anytime soon, lots of work to still do on this one.  Pretty sure I remember seeing a larger bulls skull in one of the bits bags, the tiny one is sort of bothering me, going to have to have a dig through them and find it.


I hope to get some work in on this on monday as I believe I have the day off and only a single small errand to run in the morning.  Could be a good hobby day.

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I was able to get a little time on this today after digging through the bits bags looking for that larger skull for the trukk.  Just a bit bigger but I think it makes a difference.




I think that I am going to place it on the front of the trukk though.




Next up was the boarding planks, magnetized and working properly.






Next I remembered to get a grip and trigger on the big shoota and assembled and magnetized the wreckin' ball.  I also added some support tubing to the gunners nest, it actually seemed to help with the stability a little so that's sorted.




This one is able to go on either side of the trukk.




After that I worked on getting some detail into the drivers cockpit, including the riveting.






I was also able to get the front crew compartment plated out and started on the rivets but ran out and didn't feel like cutting any more.




That is where I left the build for today, just rivets left unless something catches my attention or you guys see something that needs fixin' or detailing. 


Here is the pile of bits not used in this build.  The second turret ring was from the bits box, I thought that I was going to use it to help the gunners nest be sturdy but it didn't look right and the black shoota was the patron that donated the trigger and grip to the big shoota.




I should be able to finish this up tomorrow and move on to the goff boyz proppa.


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It's always amazing to see great converters build something entirely new from an existing kit. It's like magic, in fact. I just wish my brain worked like this!


Amazing job! I would like this two or three more times if I could.

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Thanks guys and gals!


I did get some work done on this today, between working on The Last Rock and some chores.


Here is the bed fully riveted, completing the build portion of the vehicle.






Some glamour shots with the boarding planks, driver, gunner, big shoota and wrecking ball in place.












I still had some hobby time left so I dug through the orks and pulled the ones to use as the Goffs.


Four nobs since they can use up to three in game and for variety, I may have to pull one or two more for a little more variety.


I started pulling arms and heads off to get a few more load out varieties, the one without arms will get a 'uge choppa.  I am hoping a good dig through the bits bags will give me all heads that have a horned helmet as that is very Goff-like.




The boyz are just in a pile waiting for some love...I made sure to grab ones with helmets already so no head swaps will be needed on these and probably only a few weapon swaps as all already have sluggas and choppas, the prefered load out of Goffs.  I will do a few different ones just for variety sake but for the most part these guys are straightforward hand-to-hand brutes.




That's where this mob stands now, more in a day or two I hope.



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6 hours ago, Xherman1964 said:

I love to follow this!


That make at least two of us. I LOVE all the imaginative & often silly Orky Thingies. G.W. may have missed the mark on much of their stuff, but the Orks (not Orcs) are UBERCOOL!

I haven't done a plastic model since I was a young feller. SO I marvel at your work & the fantastic results.

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On 5/16/2017 at 2:17 AM, Xherman1964 said:

I love to follow this!


Glad you like some of this stuff kind sir.  Hope I can keep a small portion of your attention with one of my projects.


On 5/16/2017 at 8:44 AM, malefactus said:


That make at least two of us. I LOVE all the imaginative & often silly Orky Thingies. G.W. may have missed the mark on much of their stuff, but the Orks (not Orcs) are UBERCOOL!

I haven't done a plastic model since I was a young feller. SO I marvel at your work & the fantastic results.


I agree with you on the GW stuff, their Orks are just something fantastic to play with, model and use.  Especially in a game like this where some of the truly orky things come out, gunz blowing up in your face because your ammo jammed, vehicles loosing control, spinning and running over your own boy that just jumped out of the trukk to go get a pile of scrap, or the truly orky and spectacular event of your thruster sticking and carrying you and your trukk completely across and off the far side of the board on the first turn of the game!  All with nothing you can do about any of it, except laugh with the orks.


I can only build like this for the orks.  You may think this absurd but it is absolutely true.  Everything else is just too precise and the lines need to be perfectly straight and things need to all be the same length and diameter and blah, blah, blah.  While orks do know how to do all those things, they only do it when it really matters, completely sealed suits for deep space for instance.  Trukks, buggies and bikes are more of a thrown together to last long enough to get us to the enemy type of thing.  That I can do.



Alright, on to the update for today, first up I finished off the nobs.  They all have heads, weapons, other equipment and I did end up adding one for a total of five now, just for variety.  Nobs are easy to tell from the boyz, if you know what to look for.  First off they are larger than boyz, it may only be a small bit but big enough to make a difference to the ork boyz thats for sure.  Secondly they have some of the best equipment and wargear because they are big enough to take it.  Third, and most importantly, they carry nob poles on their backs to let everyone else know they are the ones in charge.  On the left we have a nob with a shoota, stikkbombz and a choppa, center nob with a slugga, stikkbombz and a choppa, then on the right with a slugga and choppa






These next two have a 'uge choppa and a slugga, the one on the right is armed with a choppa, shield and a six shoota.






The two spanners, now with goff-y heads, armor and weapons.  You can tell these are spanners by their mek poles coming off their back and the backpacks stuffed with all sorts of mek boy gubbins and goodies.  These have a pretty standard goff type of load out, one with slugga and choppa the other with slugga and club.






Next up we have some slightly less goff-y boyz, you can tell they are slightly less goff-y because they are using long range shootin' weapons instead of getting up close and personal with the enemy.  That being said, these goff boyz are still 'arder than most boyz any day of the week.  Left to right we have a shoota, a blunderbuss, a kannon and another shoota, they have some other equipment between them as well but nothing special.






Now we move onto the really goff-y boyz, all armed for hand-to-hand and all dead proppa fighters.  Left to right, slugga & choppa, slugga & choppa, flail, a slugga & stikkbombz, slugga & choppa.






Next three, left to right, six shoota & choppa, choppa & slugga, Six shoota & choppa.






Last three, left to right, a slugga, a choppa & stikkbombz, "uge choppa, a slugga & a choppa, club & slugga.






That actually completes the build portion of this mob which means they are going to get set aside for a bit.  I needed to build them for this weekend as we are having a large test game with multiple people and I needed another mob.  I will go back to working on some Diggas, at least until I have a good variety of them finished for gaming then I may jump back to these for a bit.


Thanks for looking guys and gals, see you soon.

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