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Samurai Paladin on Wolf: Order of the Stick inspired Show Off

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Some of you may have seen the WIP thread I did for this but in case you haven't or just want to check it out again here it is.


I've done a few slight details since then but also I've got better quality pictures with better lighting, so here's Hinjo mounted on Argent:












And here's Hinjo on foot:










I don't claim to be an amazing painter but I had a lot of fun doing this project so I wanted to share it with you guys! As always any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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This piece makes me so happy. :wub: Great work on all three, it looks like it was a fun project! 



--OneBoot :D

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Great work!


BONUS points for painting a WOLF!


Love the original Idea of a Samurai riding a large wolf!


Well done!!!

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Thanks for the feedback guys, this was an absolute blast to paint.


How does the settup look to you guys? The background and lighting are something I've always struggled with but I think these look better than normal.


At some point soon I'll be moving onto another smaller project but I'm tempted to do some more members of OotS after that.

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