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77222: Aaron the Conjuror


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2 hours ago, InvisibleThumb said:

Looks real nice.  Hope the LGS puts this next to a prepaint on the shelf so the players can see how much better it is and how much it is worth it to invest in.  


Also, nice base. Is that freehand wood grain?  I like it.


It won't be right next to them, but close enough - I have 15-20 painted models for sale on a shelf there at any given time.  They don't move too often, but the shop likes having examples of painted Reaper stuff on hand to inspire new painters and D&D players there.


The base is a little bit of freehand.  I just sanded off one of my Reaper bases and did the pattern fairly quick before gluing the figure on top.  I thought about bringing the OSL down to reflect off the wood, but I didn't want to make the light stretch that far lest I get too tied up in colored blue lighting on the rest of the model (which was already a bit of a challenge given how oddly-shaped the flames are).

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