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Fight Like A Girl - more detailed pics (pic heavy duh!)


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I only have painted around 1/5 of these lovely ladies.   The rest were exchanges or simply painted by friends.


The concept started with the Sisters being part of the Mercenary faction.  As Mercs, I figured everyone owned their own gear and so there would be no real uniform.    I am only sooo' creative, and therefore, enlisted friends to paint a few minis giving them no color scheme or overall direction.   That way I could end up with different takes on the same mini.  I had everyone leave them unbased and so 'tied' them together as a faction by basing them the same.

On 5/14/2017 at 6:01 PM, Lucian523 said:

I really like the shield design on your Isabeau.I also like the shield with the runes and the one with the crown and checking.

Did you paint all of these? I see you have more than one of some of them.

Isabeau was done by my friend Kyle, I did the Viking runes, and Leopardpixie did the one the the crown & checks

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