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This is a list of the Questions that have asked Reaper over the last 6 Months. Reaper and the legions of AOs have scrubbed them very well.


Beginners will find the last ? or so helpful.

Advanced player will find the first ? or so helpful.


A question as to the size of the Gun Ships. The chassis DT is 3 would it be

fair to assume that proxied models should be of an approximate size compared

to the Panther (also a chassis 3)?


DTs can roughly equate to size so it would be a valid assumption, aircraft

for the most part will be larger than their land equivalent though they will

have less DTs


If aircraft are to move forward 2 Hex/inches at

the beginning of their move how can they remain stationary.


"Aircraft must begin their movement" meaning that if the aircraft is not

moving then they are not required to move forward at least 2 inches/hexes. For

example a Kikyu activates by firing and then moves away, when it moves away it

will begin its movement by travelling forward 2 hexes/inches and then it may

make its first free hexside turn then movement as normal


Since Aircraft fly NOE then is it assumed that

they block LOS for CAV's but not for tanks?


Correct: When Aircraft fly NOE they block LOS for CAV's but not for tanks or infantry.


Since Aircraft fly NOE do they fly around cover

or over it?


They must fly around or pay the vertical obstacle movement modifier (x2) if the

obstruction is logically low enough to be flown over


How long is the effect of the ECCM Jamer in



The ECCM Jammer once activated will continue to have an

affect until the next activation of the model using it.


Can APC's move vertically up mountain sides /



They must fly around or pay the vertical obstacle movement modifier (x2) if the

obstruction is logically low enough to be flown over


Is it acceptable for a CAV to have Indirect

Weapons designed for the primary weapons? Or are the Primary weapons required

to be Direct Weapons?


IFMs are only secondary. The only "either or" systems are DFMs, Gauss

Gatling, and Laser Bolt. Everything else is Main.


If the DCA of a CAV being built starts at "0" are

all the rest of the Numbers in the DT also going to be zero? I ask because if

the multiplier is applied the result is always zero. example can be foundhere



A subsequent DT cannot have a value higher than the DT before it. Thus

certain values result in flatlines all across. (0, -1, -2) so if a CAV starts

with a zero it's zero all across, if it starts with a -1 it's -1 all across

(since any positive value would be a number higher than the one that came



†The Power Dump option, I have a player that says the Power Dump will allow

the model to have its "last" turn at full movement, Full Target Lock, and

Full weapon capability.

Example: A 5 Damaged Gladiator has reduced target lock and no use of it's

Direct Fire Missiles and it's Main Guns are reduced. The controlling player

claims a "Power Dump" and uses the UNDAMAGED Target Lock, Both Missile Packs

and the Main Guns, all as though it has not taken Damage.


Incorrect, all a Power Dump does is provide enough power to run all systems

on the current damage track column, it does not temporarily repair anything.


What is the range of Target Lock / Chain Lock?

Can my stock panther be out side the range of its weapons and still attempt a

Chain Lock for the rest of the support to link in too.


I have 3 Sov's and 1 Panther. Is it possible for my Panther to sit at the 60

inch range, Declare a Chain Lock attempt on a model 60 inches away and roll

for Chain Lock?


Range Unlimited, yes it can be at 60 inch range.


On page 91 the paragraph for Target lock states.." A model may Target Lock

one model during it's Action Phase regardless of the number of models it

conducts ranged attacks against." I take it that this means a CAV, say the Wraith,

could †conceivably fire on 3 different CAV's, is this correct?




Is the ECCM effect cumulative? †Example If I have 2 ECCM pods in 9 inches of

my target will it receive a -4 to it's ECM?>>


No, ECCM is not cumulative.


I have a player that is wondering if Reaper will be producing a series of

CAVs that are Organic rather than mechanical?>>


Not at this time.


When a model chooses to give up movement for the target lock bonus, and Target Lock is achieved, is that +1 bonus added to the damage as well as the normal target lock and the weapon bonus?


Situational modifiers are added to the damage roll. No Gunner modifiers and the "has not moved bonus" are added to the damage of the weapon.


When using the Veteran Gunner, with a +3 Modifier to the target lock, on a CAV with a chain lock pod, and a normal Target lock of 3. The total target lock is at +6, if the target lock is achieved is the +6 added to all models in the section or just the basic +3 with out the experienced gunner?


The Target Lock is the basic units Target Lock bonus. No situational modifiers or Gunner bonuses.


The ECCM unit. When this unit is used, the +2 it conveys to units targeting enemy models in 18 inches of the carrying model, is this for ANY model in the attacking force or just the models in the same Section a the using unit?


When this unit is used, the +2 it conveys to units targeting enemy models in 18 inches of the carrying model, this IS for ANY model in the attacking force.


In Game play the additional points cost for running a modified CAV or anything else seams to be off. For example If I remove the two secondary weapons on my Assassin base cost of †252, becomes 196. Now if I install 2 Shriek II missile packs I must add 225 points as opposed to 150. This makes my new Assassin 421 points. Yet it is it is still not equivalent to a 400 point CAV or even a Wraith with the same indirect weapons and better Direct weapons, and more hit point, the Wraith costs less at 415.


This is to prevent the use of ultimate CAVs, or the lack of variance in CAV flavors.


Why do all CAVs have the same Repair? Even the one that is supposed to have a better repair does not.


This is a mistake in the print of the book. This will be corrected in the Journal of Recognition.


Why do no armor units have the option for Indirect weapons. Even in the modern weapons of the 21st century there are indirect weapons for Armor in use.


The option for Indirect weapons will be available for armor in the Journal of Recognition.


Why is there no difference between the HARD / SOFT attacks for close combat? CAVs would have a huge bonus to squish infantry and vehicles.


This is figured in the chassis cost. Infantry Scatter when close Assaulted by Vehicles or CAV.

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