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I figured I would make a WIP for the next mini I paint.  I mostly have monsters to paint right now as I'm a little intimidated by trying to make skin look good.  So far I've just got some areas base coated.


Any comments, ideas or suggestions are welcome!  Still trying to figure things out.


The cloak and shirt are a little bright right now.  I'm thinking the base colors might be closer to final highlight colors for those.  Armor is a black undercoat for the dark silver metallic I'm planning.





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Made some progress tonight on the cloak.  Got a little tired at the end and the transition to the final highlight color isn't as I'd like it.  Will probably glaze the mid tone over the highlights to try and blend it a little better on the edges and go from there.






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For bone, I usually basecoat with an offwhite with a yellow undertone (which you have done). I then use Soft Tone wash from Army painter. Then I drybrush with a lighter offwhite. Depends on how "fresh" you want your skeleton to look.


The cloak looks good. Old and dirty!


Coming along nicely!

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I had quite a bit of time tonight to paint and was able to get quite a bit done.  I started with the bone and kind of combined your ideas.  I started with a black wash in the deep crevices followed by a sepia wash all over to help the bone look aged.  After that I washed the deep crevices again with a umber wash.  Then I highlighted with my bone color.  I tried to leave the horns on the helmet a little darker.


Next I painted the armor with a 3:1 mix of metallic silver and black.  After that I did a black wash on the armor to help the details stand out.  I plan to go back and do some light dry brushing with silver to try and show some areas that show through the filth.


After that I decided to base color the bow, quiver, boots and money pouch.  I did the shadows and highlights in the bow, boots and bag.  The quiver still needs finished up.


I still need to figure out what I want to do with the dagger and arrows.  Also I'm thinking grey for the hair, but I'm not sure how to go about that. 




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A litttle more progress.  Dry brushed a little silver into the armor.  Highlighted some details including the belt with a 3:1 mix of gold and black.  Washed that with a black and umber wash then dry brushed a little bit of pure gold on the edges.


Painted the green shirt tonight also.  Spent most of my time on that.  The green really wanted to blend in with the black when glazing.

Im pretty happy with the final result. 


Added some hammered copper to the top of the quiver.  After that it got washed of black, umber and then 4-5 washed of marine teal and a last wash of 4:1 marine real and clear green to look like verdigris.  I might add another wash with some white mixed in for areas with the most verdigris.


Finally I painted up the base that I've had primed and ready.  I'll add some green static grass as moss after I have the skeleton attached.





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Small update as I haven't had much time to paint the last couple of days.  I painted the hair a bluish grey color.  I wasn't happy with how the bow was.  Repainted it to look like a cherry color and tried adding some wood grain lines.  



Other than that just cleaned up some little details that were missing some color such as the necklace and tried blending the cloak a little better.


I'm still trying to figure out what colors to paint the dagger so that I can get this guy finished up.  Ideas welcome!

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