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57 minutes ago, Paymaster Games said:

I am getting allot of requests for more models. The pre-order store is still open. Please help your self.


Accouple of notes -  I only have a few restocks to do (I know I am a down to less then 5 of the Cloud Serpents, a couple of goddesses and Quetzalcoatl). I still several other monsters, pack llamas, Dog Travois (my wife calls them a dog cart). Please do not order any of the Aztec Commoner troops (warriors, Spears, Archers, and Slingers) or the Ahklut, the orca-wolf, I have discontinued these models and sold the last ones I had in stock. If you want to order something that you think might be out of stock


Hopefully, I'll have a little spare budget to get one of the Clan Mother, if you get more of her; she's one I really wanted, but couldn't justify. 

And, handily enough, I'm practically right around the corner from you. 


.. there were a lot of models that I wanted, but couldn't justify, to be honest. ^^;



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Update #4 - Sisiutl, The Great Sea Serpent of the Pacific Northwest - Finished   https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2139148164/going-native-from-out-of-the-mists/posts/1894135 

So to sum up my thoughts on the two i have assembled, the Cloud Serpent and Phoenix:   Cloud Serpent: Not sure he came with the right base, he sits balanced on the lip of hte base rat

I just received mine along with a massive duty. The minis were valued at twice what I paid and tacked on 25$ in fees. I've messaged for support (just now, so this isn't about non-response). I'm not th

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I just received mine along with a massive duty. The minis were valued at twice what I paid and tacked on 25$ in fees. I've messaged for support (just now, so this isn't about non-response). I'm not thrilled though because it's a HUGE hassle and most (about 18) of that money is non-recoupable. On a side note, it's always SMALL business that gets hit with this. Also probably didn't help having a box that would fit about 5 times as many minis as I receieved

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33 minutes ago, Paymaster Games said:

Lexomatic, I am sorry that the shipping was a bad experience. I will look into the problem for the future deliveries to The Great White North. 


Did the models and package arrive alright? 

The minis are' totally fine. Stuff was iverpacked for what I ordered, but I dont know how available smaller boxes are. Last time I had a padded envelope with minis wrapped in bubble wrap and they were fine. A larger order got me less in charges. Stuff is theoretically randomly picked ,but I find it's worse with really small business. The killer is the handling fee which is 10$ on its own  and cant be claimed. The valuation is easy and will give me back about half the charge in a few months. Its just frustrating because our free trade is anything but. At least it's not UPS which has crazy brokerage handling fees. Thanks for sending stuff so quickly.

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I got a delivery notice Monday, though I wasn't sure what it was for. Similar to lexomatic, I got dinged for a $27 duty up here in Canada (karma for getting bones first perhaps). Anyway, $27 dollars later I got a nice little box of toys.


I went for some of the more mundane animals:


White Buffalo woman might technically not be mundane, what with the flames billowing out of it's eyes like it just stepped out of an episode of American Gods, but it's a beautiful buffalo on it's own right.


Since the buffalo has some resin that needs to be removed I didn't think I could pose him on his base. Turns out it fit just fine.



I love the beasts of burden. The pack llama's pack is two pieces, the smaller piece is sitting on his base. The Plains Dog Travois is such a sad looking dog. He has a pack for the travois but I left it off because the travois itself looks great on it's own. Plus I thought lightening his load might brighten his spirits. No luck so far.


I picked up a few of the ladies, Itzpapalotl, the Obsidian Wings, Coatlicue, Skirt of Snakes, Tlazolteotl, The Eater of Sins and the Female Jaguar Warrior but they are either inappropriate for Reaper forums (Tlazolteotl and the Jaguar Warrior) or require some serious assembly. Here are disassembled Coatlicue and Itzpapalotl for reference though:


Scale is quite good as can be seen by the Reaper mini next to her. Flash and fit are quite good, these are well made minis. Assembly shouldn't be difficult, but I don't assemble minis until I plan on painting them.


Itzpapalotl is a beautiful figure. Her head isn't attached, just balanced precariously in the pic. You can see some nice detail on her clothes. Also, check out her left arm. It has a huge moth that sits on it, though it is a separate piece:


Check it out. It's like a giant moth (or a baby Mothra). Great details, this will make an amazing mini assembled and painted.


I also got the cloud serpent but there have already been pics posted. I love that the serpents' feathers run the length of his body and down his tail. The last mini I got is also covered in feathers and has the best name, Yahui, the Turtle Demon of Sacrifice:


He's resin, so some trimming before he can be assembled. And he has the only damage I noticed, one of his front fangs is broken. Otherwise he's an excellent figure.


This was another great project from paymaster games covering some very underrepresented mythology. I always end up wishing I had more money to spend on them when I see the results.

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I was going to get some of the extra stuff that auden got , but decided not to because of assembly. I think I'm glad of that but they look good.

Also annoyed that sudden inky got charged 3 more than me for twice as much stuff. I really hate that whole tax aspect

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