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My son and I have been on a journey over the last nine months to play a campaign of Gorkamorka.  Why so long you ask?  Well, we decided that we really wanted to do it right and build terrain and mobs and vehicles from scratch.  Sure we could have just played with some of the terrain I already had and lord knows I have enough orks to play a game, or thirty, of gomo but we wanted something to do together.


We started by building a massive amount of terrain, WAY more than we could ever use on even four tables of gomo but we wanted variety and versatility.   That thread can be found here, very pic heavy.


After that was finished we started building mobs and playing games to get the rules down before we really start our campaign with our gaming group.  I have been starting project logs for a few of them, here are the Diggas where I built their trukk and the mob itself.  I have started painting them here but had to briefly put them on hold to build another mob for a test game coming up soon.  That trukk and mob build can be found here, they are the Goffs and they are proud of it.


This is probably our twelfth game or so, we are really starting to get the rules down and games are much quicker than our first couple.  It had been a solid twelve or more years since I had played a game but once we started most of the rules came right back.  This game took us less than an hour total, that was from table set up to post game book keeping.  Granted this was a very quick and non bloody game so that helped quite a bit.


Alright, here we go...3...2...1....


The dessert spread out far and wide before Gorbad and crew as they hurtled across the sand in their brand new trukk, it had only been crashed once before the meks sold it to him for only twenty teef.  Pretty good deal since the mek had originally said he couldn't sell it for less than twenty-two.  Gorbad smiled to himself, he had some hagglin' skills to rival a Deathskull, that was for sure.  Sweat rolled into his eyes causing him to snap back to the moment as he wiped the sting from his eyes and the sand from his face.  Overhead the sun beat down as relentlessly as ever, it was early day but the temp was already climbing to almost unbearable even for an ork such as himself.  There was never a moment of respite on this world he thought.  All the hardship,fighting and scraping was good for his lads though, gave them something to do and kept the yoofs out of trouble.


Gorbad was snapped back to reality again as Grimgut, the new spanner and driver of the new trukk, was screaming something that he couldn't hear over the roar of the centrally mounted engine.  Grimgut was now frantically pointing in the direction they were headed.


Before Gorbad could turn to see what was out there Snazbad, the new yoof of the mob, was frantically tugging on his arm.


"Wat!?!" bellowed Gorbad at the light green yoof.


"Boss, I seez somethin'!", Snazbad was also pointing in the direction they were headed.


Sneering at the yoof but holding off from smackin' him across the back of his skull for fear of finding a soft spot Gorbad was finally able to turn his attention to the desert in front of them.


A large ramp down into the skid could be seen and right at the bottom of it, some no good stinkin' Freebootas!


A  smile crept onto Gorbad's face, "Hit the Red Button! he screamed at Grimgut.


The trukk bounced across the rough desert ground and all the boyz roared in their excitement.


(Here are a couple shots of the terrain we are playing over before anything was deployed.)






(Here are the forces deployed.)






(The freebootas)




(The Goffs)




Those git Freebootas was caught out in da desert diggin' scrap like a bunch a grots thought Gorbad, his smile gettin' bigger, and more full of sand by the second.


The thunderous roar of his new trukk and boyz musta scared them no good Freebootas, before Gorbad and 'is boyz could get to 'em and give 'em a good whoopin' they was in they trukk and tryin' ta get away.  Their good for nothin' bad mek was behind the controls of the vehicle and hittin' the Big Red Button before he even had the gas engine started!  Their vehicle lurched ahead straight toward The Last Rock forcing their mek to slam on the breaks.


Gorbad was yellin' for Grimgut to t-bone them but somehow over the roar of the engine his message was lost and the new spanner skid stopped the trukk sideways, headed straight for the side of the cliff.




Both mobs crammed to the sides of their trukks facing the other mob and let loose with every ranged weapon they could bring to bare.




The bad mek, still without his gas engine started, was smooshing the Big Red Button nonstop!  In an amazing turn of luck all this accomplished was that the low ridin' git wagon spun 'round and faced almost straight at the center of a large dune of soft sand.




Gorbad saw that this was the moment he needed and once again he yelled for Grimgut to ram the stinkin' Freebootas while they were in a bad position.


The spanner must have heard this time as he skillfully turned the new trukk 'round the right way and Gorbad could hear the thrusters begin to whine up, the vehicle lurched forward and then stopped.


Gorbad, once again, whirled to see what the new spanner was doin' only to see him pulling out a hammer and beatin' on the Red Button....he must not be strong enough to push it he thought.  He ducked just in time as he saw Zogstruk, the new gunner of the new trukk, fire the harpoon gun at the enemy.  He wrenched his head around just in time to see the massive harpoon glance off the engine and stick in the sand.


Then the roar of weapon fire was deafening as once more both mobs opened fire with everything they could.


Gorbad's heart jumped in his chest as he saw the Kaptin' fall face first from their low ridin' trukk.




His joy didn't last any longer than a few quick heartbeats as the tough old git crawled back into da trukk, the bad mek started his gas engine and tore off across the desert, followed by blasts from their thrusters taking them almost out of range to even think about chasing after them.




Gorbad screamed at Grimgut to give her everything she had and catch up to them before they were too far away.


The spanner revved the gas engine, threw it into gear, spun the vehicle around to give chase and mashed the Red Button only to loose control and skid to a stop facing the cliff and a tank trap.




Gorbad watched as the no good Freebootin' gits sped off out of sight with a trukk full of scrap....




Needless to say, I(Gorbad and the goffs) did not win this one.  My son did exactly what he had to do to win, get off the table with the most scrap, and win he did.  It was a fun, funny, orky game, full of awesomely horrible dice rolls for both of us.  However, in a game like this sometimes that will actually make for a much more entertaining game.


Gorbad, his back against the side of the armored crew compartment, slid down until his bottom was on the bed of his new trukk.  He began fumblin' through his cigar pouch searching for the only thing that may help him feel a little better about his life choices at the moment.  At last he found it, the last stump of his last cigar.  He brought it to his mouth and began searchin' for his lighter in his chest pocket.  He found it, quickly pulled it out, struck it and nothing happened.  Gorbad looked at the heavy, metal lighter and saw that it had caught a bullet, at least he could rely on someone in his mob he thought before he roared and threw it at Snazbad, hitting him behind his right ear.  The yoof crumpled like a grot under a slavers whip.


Gorbad and the other boyz roared in laughter.


Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did...

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Alright, time to do my side of the Battle Report from the Goffs vs. Freebooters. Like the Big guy said, Chaoshead, we had worked long and hard on the terrain and now we are starting to work on the mobs. We wanted our desert to be just right, with the right amount of proppa mixed in as well. I am not as Orky as Chaoshead, but i am slowly growing into it.


Anyways! enough gabbin'! lets get to da foightin'!


The hot, early, sun was already heating the desert up for another long day for the Freebooters. Kaptin Wurzag and a few of his Boyz were digging in the sand for some scrap. They had already uncovered a few pieces that were stickin' out of the ground. Wurzag and da Bad Mek Boltmuncha were digging much less than Azukk and Zogbomb, the two boyz. The Kaptin stood up from digging in the sand to light his pipe that he was chewing on. When he started to hear something... Muties? No... Diggas..... maybe but this sound was louder. Wurzag looked up at the cliff and saw a truck full of Goffs up on the slope.


"Grab da scrap yooz can carry Lads, and get to da Trukk!!" Wurzag screamed at the Boyz and Mek as he grabbed scrap and started running for the truck.

Boltmuncha looked up to see what was going on and saw the Goffs up on the slope. He too grabbed some scrap and headed for the Trukk. Azukk and Zogbomb following close behind.


(This is how we set the board up, both of us really liked how it was set up and looked.)






(Now where we put our trukks and boyz was deffinitly very cool. The cliff slope and right beneath it was My Trukk and Boyz.)








(Me Freebooters!)



(Da stinkin' loud moufed Goffs)




Wurzag and the boyz threw the scrap in the trukk before hopping in, just as Boltmuncha slammed his fist on the Big Red Button and began to speed off with nothing but thrusters. Wurzag, Azukk and Zogbomb all opened fire on the Goff trukk with their Snazzgunz. As Azukk was firing, his gun jammed, but he realized... it wasn't a jam. He was out of ammo! Not thinking he would need to bring more he just loaded one mag into da Snazzgun. Wurzag and Zogbomb kept firing at the Goffs, in a hope to drive them off with just sheer firepower. The Goffs sped after Wurzag and his crew and seemed to have a new... or a really bad driver. They spun sideways and they all pressed up against the side of the vehicle to shoot at the low ridding Trukk of the Freebooters.




Then Boltmuncha thought it was a good idea to disobey the Kaptin and turn the Trukk to face the other way. "What yoo doin' ya git!? We need to go dat way!" Wurzag yelled at Boltmuncha, pointing in the opposite way from where the Mek turned.

"I fink it is betta to go dis way Kaptin!" The Mek replied with a loud yell over the loud thrusters.

"Yoo betta be roight!" Wurzag and Zogbomb continue to litter the Goff Trukk with hot lead, as the Goffs turn to power straight at Da Low Ridda. Yet again the Goffs Driver or a bad Trukk stop just short of ramming into the back of Da Low Ridder.






Then, almost out of nowhere, Wurzag takes a bullet and falls off the Trukk. Being a tough git, he crawled back onto Da Low Ridda and Screamed. "Get out of 'ere!" As he said that the gas engines finally started and Bolt muncha sped away from the Goffs Trukk. He kept mashing the Red Button and they left a dust cloud in their wake.








The Goffs new driver tried to speed after them and again spun their Trukk. A Harpoon flying just over Boltmuncha's 'ead as the Goffs wanted the scrap in Da Low Ridda.






With The scrap and Wurzag back on his feet from a bullet wound, Da Low Ridda speeds off into the sandy wastes. With scrap and teef to come, Wurzag produces a big toothy grin as he finally lights his pipe. "Dat was easea den i thought! Hahaha! Do'es shtinkin' Goffs fink dey can take me teef away from me and me boyz! HA! Den dey need to fink more!" Wurzag took a big breath from his pipe and puffed the smoke out, producing another toothy grin.


Das it ya gits! It was a very fun, proppa and dusty scenario, but in da end... me freebooterz showed up dem shtinkin' Goffs! Hahahahahaha! This game was very fun and both me and the big guy had a lot of fun and laughs as we laughed at our horrible roles. XD it was a great game and now we have another game under our belt! it was a very fun and great game! Gramatical errors may be present... not really sure. XD Have fun with this and until next time!

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Nice job ya thievin' freeboota!


Table looks good even from that side.


Boy, we really need to get some paint on our mobs, then these games, pics and write-ups really will be epic!



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