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    • By Rigel
      My miniatures list has more varieties of pulp than a paper-mill town grocery's orange juice aisle. Mad scientists, apes, cultists, cosmic horrors, spacemen, sky pirates, zeppelineers, two-fisted heroes, etc. But not a lot of what was for several decades, the most common pulp villain. Let's paint something for our heroes to fight!

      Artizan's Thrilling Tales line comes through once again. 
      Here are two horrible and officious jerks, on a pre-dawn hunt for Resistance agents. "Oberst von Stroop" is the one with the gun; "Major Kreipe" the one with the satchel and the dueling scar.

      We've seen a couple of the Resistance before, but I believe this is the first time I've posted a picture of "Georges." I had fun with the argyle sweater-vest.

      Georges' briefcase contains a surprise! 

      Some more baddies: "Colonel Braun," a perfectly pompous sculpt, and the "Kaiserin" from Brigade Games. (Also Erwin Rommel, previously posted elsewhere).

      (Couple more pictures of Zenith's commandoes, from 50075, if you click below.)
      And on another, stranger front...
      This is "Private Trummer," an old and not particularly motivated soldier sent on special detail with a special unit. He sees nothing, he hears no-othing, and he knows NO-O-O-OTHING! 


      It doesn't do to see, hear, or know too much when you're out with the armored Sturm Battalion Zorn. (Pictured: Flamethrower and Rifleman III. I added an extra gas tank from Bombshell to the Flamethrower unit.)

      Battalion Zorn is led by "Captain Rohr," a merciless and ambitious creep.

      Funnily enough, for a man who sees and hears nothing, Private Trummer has a knack for not being around in a crisis...

      Finally, a group shot, as such groups should be. 

    • By Rigel
      A free mini of the month and some clowns and acrobats from Brigade Games should just about round out my Bradbury & Barton's Magic Circus project. First up, Bonzo the Killer Klown (50245)! This clown comes with several options: a kindly head, a terrifying head, a bicycle horn, and a giant cleaver. Since I already have a clown of kindly aspect (Zonkers, 50247), I went with the monstrous face and the plausible-deniability honk-horn. 
      Look, we all know this is a murder-clown feeding on the terror of children, and that hankie is definitely attached to several yards of colorful but chloroformed rags. The cleaver is just gilding the lily. (plus, a lot more useful for future kitbashes than the bicycle horn, which is highly situational at best.)

      Next up, Happy the Clown, from Brigade Games' 'Barnwell's Circus' line! This is a friendly clown. Added some pin balloons to complete his ensemble. Never take anything a clown offers from its pants. This is a lesson most of us know instinctively, and others learn only once. 

      Also from Brigade Games Barnwell's, here is the Tall Man! This one was fun to paint. I lost count around the sleeves, but I'm pretty sure the jacket has a pulp-era-appropriate 48 stars. The pant stripes look more uneven than they are due to the wrinkled trousers. What better place than the Saturnalian anarchy of the carnival to  depict Uncle Sam as a world-bestriding clown? 

      And lastly, again from Brigade but this time from the Cheshire Circus, the harlequin contortionist! Forgive the paint job; I'll probably repaint her in a year or two with thinner paints and crisper lines. The ball is my own addition, but it seemed to fit. 

      All the clowns, including Zonkers and Cosmo: 

      And the whole Circus, all of whom have been posted before under the "circus" tag at one point or another:

    • By Rigel
      Continuing our exploration of exoplanets with the Galacteer forces!

      Every crew needs a competent doctor, and what better doctor than one immune to organic sickness, and also largely bulletproof? Guaranteed to be Three Laws Safe, this docbot from Brigade Games (BG-APC134 X2) can treat anything from radiation poisoning to Space Madness to xenomorph infestation to Chronal Inversion. It *is* equipped with a factory-installed Snarky Banter Personality Module.

      And who better to lead this crew than the gallant captain and first-rate astrogator, Ace McGuire? Hydra has captured that balance of intrepidity and circumspection needed in a commander heading into the unknown! He'll try to talk things out if possible, but knows when to break out the zap guns. 

      Here's the whole crew.

      Until next time, cadets!
    • By Rigel
      The customer is Brigade Games' Imam, from their Napoleonics line, but I think he's pretty versatile. The Merchant is a great salesman with remarkable panache (and mustache). 

      "This is the last provision stall for miles, effendi, and even if it were not, you could find no lower prices at this time of year! One hundred and forty dirhams!"
      "Merchants of such avarice are surely bandits in disguise! Would you have me perish in the desert? Even if I empty my purse I could not find more than eighty dirhams to spare."

      "Eighty? EIGHTY? Surely I have misheard the effendi, whose every manner bespeaks generosity and benevolence. Eighty dirhams--would you reduce my family to utter destitution? My children will go begging in the street! For the effendi, I could possibly go so far as one hundred and twenty, though my little ones go hungry."

      "By the life of my father, I cannot pay one hundred twenty! If I were to turn my pockets inside out and search their linings, I could perhaps, by the grace of the Merciful One, scrape together sum of one hundred for you, lest I die of hunger and thirst."

      "Ai, one hundred? It is a rich jest the effendi tells, beyond doubt! One hundred would leave me in grievous penury and I should bring shame to my family. My daughters will be scorned and despised, my sons ridiculed in the marketplace! One hundred and ten is the least that would keep me from ruin." 

      "..It is not impossible that by some miracle I might have a coin or two at the bottom of my saddlebag, forgotten until now. One hundred and ten, though it bankrupt me."
      "One hundred ten it is!"

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