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  • 2 weeks later...

Thanks guys for the warm welcome, no special software was used....just basic windows paint. For the background It's just cheap foam with some texture & I also use jigsaw mats (cut up &textured also). I am the Dungeon Master for our D&D group so I usually set up scenes like this to inspire me for encounters and story prep... I must say there a some amazing artists here on the boards...always good inspiration as I'm constantly working on improving my miniature painting skills...

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    • By Iridil
      More from May - the cultist pair 77518. I also added in my other recently painted pair (77351) with cirlce and I think they make a nice grouping. 

    • By Cranky Dog
      I barely received my last campaign pledge from Midlam that already it has something that caught my interest.
      Sisters of the Kraken Cult. The female counterparts of the previous "Onslaught of the Cult of the Kraken Lord" and "Cultists of the Kraken Lord". (I now have some regret of not getting it)

      What's also interesting is the optional add-on of fish folk.

      Brinewind is going to have some interesting neighbors.
    • By WhiteWulfe
      Finished my first mini this year, and oddly enough it was a speedpaint, taking just over an hour...

      On the flipside, some of those colours work together really, REALLY well, like Sunrise Orange and Heart Throb Paint.
    • By Rigel
      Robes? Check. Horned skull mask? Check. Air of furtive evil? Check! Dulkathar here is a perfect fit for the cult of the Piper in the Woods, last seen HERE. 

      The word "skulking" was made for this character, He'd be a great Wizard Whately stand-in for Call of Cthulhu, too. Even more tattered than his co-conspirator and co-religionist.

      Together, what mightn't they call up? or Whom?

      And with such an ally, what vengeance might they not visit upon the settlements nearby? Are there any punishments those Puritans don't deserve, and that full well? 

      Guest appearance by a nearly-finished Tree of Despair, of which more later.
    • By ManvsMini
      I painted this one as part of a duo with @Maledrakh for this month's RCL. Not my finest work, lot of frustration with it; most of the shading you see is being done by my lighting setup, which really needs refined. And the highlights look in the wrong spot in places. Eh, I myself am a constant work in progress.
      Still, it's one more mini done for this year, which puts me way ahead of what I finished last year. And the color scheme resemblance to Goku from DBZ is purely coincidental.

      Thanks for looking.
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