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Cleaned up my table today! Granted it's not spotless cause if it was I couldn't find anything.....^_^ Even more more exciting


I painted a mini!!


It's been awhile, as early Febuary was my last brush to mini attempt. Of course that attempt is now just sitting on my table saying "Hey when are you gonna paint me, hmmmm??" Anyways I'm gonna attempt to put up a WiP for this one as well. I'm not exactly sure how far I'll go with his WiP as I'm bad at updating things like WiPs & such. 


I forgot to take a pic of the raw mini but this is the other one in that pack of 2 & it's exactly the same (besides the pose of course) as the one I'm painting up:




Clear plastic with a primered base


I wanted to take advantage of the clearness of the plastic so I thought might as well use Tamiya Clear paints on them. Problem was my jar of Clear Yellow was goopy, ie old. So in the trash it went & I ordered anther jar from the local hobby shop. That was a few weeks ago...Anyways after I did a semi-clean up of the workbench I proceeded to just apply the Clear Yellow onto the mini:




& to see how it looks under a light, in this case a Ott-Light:




I'm not exactly sure where I'm going with this critter but I'd like to try & make it like the Advanced Hellhound pre-paint mini:



(yes the one I'm painting has a spiked color as well, I just painted over it). Hoping this mini jumpstarts the mini-painting that I need to do for ReaperCon this year!!





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So Tamiya clears don't need primer? Or are the WK mini's designed so you could paint Tamiya clear on them? Thanks!

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I picked up two of these as well. I have other hell hounds to paint. So I have been thinking about using my blue and green tamiya clears to make these cold hounds. But I haven't decided yet. 

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Normally I would use primer under Tamiya, just like I like having a primer coat on Bones but with the clear nature of these & I didn't want to get out my clear primer (Black Gold Adherto) I just went with it + I use the clears all the time on clear model plastic (lights, lens etc) so I knew I wouldn't have any problems. The Paint went on really well.  Also I'm not sure if the clear bits on these are primered or not. Pretty sure they aren't as I've never read Vallejo having a clear primer in their lineup.


Ice Hounds would make for a frost giant encounter that's for sure.


I'm not sure if I wanna do clear red now or clear orange. Hmmm Sad thing is after I get this one painted up I may not even use it. They are medium creatures but they are large medium creatures. I've got the prepaint from Storm King's Thunder just in case I change my mind.



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It's worth it actually. My pics don't show how shiny the clear yellow is.

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