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Well this here is my first attempt using an air brush.  little tricky to get the hang of but I think it turned out ok.  finished off the details with a regular brush.  Not enough confidence to try doing eyes with an airbrush.


This here is Reapers Frog Demon from the Bones 2 kickstarter (standing ontop of Fat Dragon Games, Castle Winterhawk ruined Tower)


any advice for someone new to air brushes?


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On 2017-05-20 at 7:10 PM, Tjrez said:

nice, the air brush is a whole art in itself, just like the regular brush. 

It certainly is taking some getting used to.  I figure I would start with the large figs and work my way up (down) to the smaller ones.


Although having used it a bit already, I can't imagine trying to do Khanjira by hand anymore

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