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Lots of pictures this time.

I worked with orange and yellow, and a very little red, only for a slight wash to his hair.


I think I'm close to done. Two pictures in black/white to see the contrast.. I was thinking the fireball itself almost got too much white? ..anything else??

I would love to get some criticism!














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It honestly looks great as is.  You may think you added too much white to the fireball, but think about how painful it would be to look at a fireball- it's bright!  Keeping the red on the outer reaches makes a big difference in making it seem more realistic. The only thing I would change (for the future, not now), is to remember that the robes further from the fireball need to have less intense OSL than the ones near it.  It looks from the photo that most of yours are pretty similar.  But in genral, great job, and a fantastic first attempt at OSL!



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Thanks for advice and comments. I did downtone the OSL a bit, on the parts that are far away from the fireball. And called it done.

Next pictures will be in show off, in a few days time.

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4 hours ago, Pineapple said:

I'm really impressed. Seeing you do it gives me the inspiration to try it at some point. I'll probably use one of the models that has a flaming sword. 


Thank you.

Go for it, it's really fun playing with. Get the start with the white color done, and you are a long way.. and listen to all the good advice from the good people here in the forum.

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