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So in case anyone wondered I'm a big fan of Rauthuros from Reapers Warlord line. I even sculpted my own before the official model was made. Now the original model was made to save on metal to keep the price down (which is awesome), and I'm really happy he came out in Bones 1. But lately there have been some demons made with an eye to the good properties of Bones to make them bigger (which is awesome) such as 77376 & 77315, but Rauthuros seems almost comically small next to them (which is sad).


So I'm going to attempt to sculpt a larger Rauthuros that barely fits on a giant base (for those who don't play Warlord that is a 2" x 2" square base). Since this is just in the planning stages I was wondering if anyone had any good suggestions for strong wire for a good armature, and good cheap filler material?


Below is a picture of my sculpt next to the metal release. I feel old saying this, but my sculpt was done about 10 years ago.



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One note, to make your sculpt better and more sturdy, instead of using wire for the wing armatures, use brass sheet or aluminum wire mesh (the mesh lets you do more 3d wings over the 2d brass) and cut and form the wing shape out of that.  That gives you a good base on which to sculpt the wing.





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Being more consistent on working on projects is one of the things I'm trying to work on. Not much done, some old Milliput to bulk out the lower legs and did one hoof. I felt pretty rusty working on it so I will probably redo it later, but it is at least a start. 



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Got a little work done over the last few weeks. Symmetry is hard. I'm not going to worry about mistakes too much yet and just get him sculpted, then go back and redo things that aren't right. Mainly so I can see how all the proportions work once he's built up.



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