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The Axeman Cometh 77055 my first head swap

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I have yet to assemble a complete figure from any of the Frostgrave sprues of plastic parts, so I thought I'd start slow with a head swap.  Enter Anval Theicedamned, Evil Warrior.  His head is just begging to be chopped off.




I figured I'd swap one hooded head for another so I chose what appeared to be an armored hooded head from the cultists sprue and after chipping away at Anval's neck area, applied the super glue and commenced to hold it in place for several minutes.  Yes, there is a better way, and it involves drilling and pinning things.  Bah, details.  It eventually stuck and I decided on a paint scheme.


 Much metallics of various kinds.  Sadly I only have a few.  And a non traditional skin color.  This guy with no visible face lends itself well to an exotic or alien race.  Also, there's some nice detail on that axe.  I decided it must be some kind of magic weapon, perhaps of the air, storm, lightning element kind?  So I applied an unusual color and effect on the blade.  Sparking snow and yes, alien goo.  Also tried to give him a lightning tattoo in alien goo on the back.  


Here is the finished piece.  So how convincing is the new head?




A view of the axe




And tat



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Thanks everyone!  The Axeman was one of my mvps of yesterday's Frostgrave game (used him as an infantryman).  Took no hits and killed a thief for his treasure and fought off a construct until he could get off the board.  He has earned the magic (+1 damage) two-handed weapon I rolled in treasure.

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