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Norsgard Fallen Orc

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It has been a while since I have painted a miniature. I did not afford myself the time and energy because of issues (family, work, life, etc). Why did I want to grow up again? I made up excuses and reasons and I'm just sick and tired of that BS. Excuses and lying to myself will not allow me to succeed in life and I'm beginning to find my balance again. Oops, beginning to ramble, so here's the model I'm going to be working on:





Several firsts for this guy:

1) Never painted a resin figure

2) Never painted a multi-part figure


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Norsgard Miniatures. I can't tell if the manufacturer is still active.  They ran two kickstarters and they have a website, but their forums is dead and there are no dates on their website to tell if they are still fulfillimg orders. 

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Could only find my Reaper Grey Primer, so let's see how that goes. I thinned mine 5 drops to 1 drop water and looks to have covered the miniature just fine.




Applied 09401: Dragon Red to body for shading and 09082: Jungle Moss to the skirt.


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Strange, I thought I posted the continuation of last night's session. I decided to flip the two colors and I'm liking how the green appears over the red skin.



Went over some upper portions with 09297: Adonese Green.




I'll have to dig through my paints for brighter greens for highlighting.



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