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Bones IV pre-launch & news

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*plasters face to screen*


Ooo, I see part of a decaying wing in the corner there! Intrigued.


Those undead knights are super awesome too; I think I might need like 20.



--OneBoot :D

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I haven't talked about it on the forums, but I start a new job at the end of the month.

Fingers crossed it means more spending money for Bones 4.

I just quit one of my jobs last Friday, surprisingly this will mean more money for Bones 4.

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I don't suppose there happen to be nine of those guys, one of which has a crown?

That would have saved me a lot of fiddly work for my eldest's ninth birthday cake lo these many years ago ...

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So this is great news! And I love the sculpts above. But... what does this mean for the legendary Encounters Kickstarter?


Hmm, Spring will be great, Tax returns, busiest time of work will have just ended... (Open Enrollment and its fall out). Plus my birthday being in February may earn me some credits from the wife..


Bones (1,2 and 3) have been my favorite kickstarters and I will definitely be there for 4... Any more pics out there?

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Honestly, it'll be very dependant upon what's on offer. But if international shipping is going to be a thing from now on, that's definitely a plus.

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CAT CHIBI!!!!!!!!!!! :wub: :wub: :wub:




I'm not a chibi fan, but...I think I might have to acquire that at some point.


Also, undead dragon, yaaaaay!


Thanks for the pics!!



--OneBoot :D

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I'm just waiting for the trolls to crawl out in the Bones 3 comment section on KS.

Can you be a troll for something?

Is there such thing as a pro-troll?


Astroturfer. Shill. Etc.



I must have those! They'd be some pretty good proxy Wraiths and/or Wights for Kings of War. Not quite the size of a KoW Wight, but they look good enough and all that matters is that they're based appropriately...

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