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02334: Amrorth Starlight as Fredo the Bard

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Hi everyone!


     I thought I would try a W.I.P. for this mini to get some feedback and suggestions along the way. I'm still trying to figure out a color scheme for this guy so any suggestions would be welcome! Fredo is a Bard with a hint of Cleric. He's a charmer and a bit of a ladies man. In our campaign he constantly tells stories about the time he slept with an angel and his favorite pastimes are doing useless flips and somersaults as well as jamming out on his piccolo. 


     I started with the hardest part. The face! I tried a bit of a variation on the Bette Davis Eyes technique and I think it turned out pretty well (as long as you don't look at it under the magnifier *shudder*).


     Any suggestions on a cool color scheme for Fredo again would be very welcome as well as any comments and tips before I start painting again!


"Well... I'm knocked out again. Can someone please revive me before I die?" -Fredo


IMG_1950.thumb.JPG.f1bb59f1888a2042c7ad4e668a6a4d41.JPG          IMG_1951.thumb.JPG.6b1e79ab18211f738dc22b87227aaf96.JPG



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A bit more work done. Mixed up the hair color myself and am pretty happy with how it turned out. I decided on a blue cloak with a really unique and cool light blue interior. I thought the colors matched the characters personality pretty well. I'm really wondering how to tackle the... idk runes(?) on the hem of his cloak. Anybody have ideas on that. Not sure how to make all those little symbols look good.


IMG_1952.thumb.JPG.369e80a078ab430deaf36b385a595a8f.JPG          IMG_1953.thumb.JPG.a24d80a9f5cb0423de7a6323805c554e.JPG

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After painting a bit I thought it would be a cool idea to do a subtle day/night motif on the cloak with the lighter inside representing day and the darker outside representing night. Any ideas about how to achieve this would be helpful as well. Maybe some subtle freehand stars on the outside and sunbeams on the inside? Any examples or techniques you might have would be very welcome!

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Thanks Tjrez! I think it's looking good as well!


After thinking about the day/night motif I decided to go for it and am excited with the results. These pictures aren't the best, and the detail isn't quite where i'd like it to be yet, but I'm liking the way this mini is going so far. As always comments are welcome.


Night:   IMG_1956.thumb.JPG.43be9ff8f0d01bde18456da61d1348e7.JPG



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Hi everyone! It's been a while but I'm here for a quick update and a plea for help and inspiration. I have run into a bit of a wall with this figure. I am very happy with how the starry cloak turned out and am happy with the daytime motif i was able to achieve, but I am a bit stumped on how to do this cloak trim. It has shallow runes that run along the entire length (some of them are quite small) and I haven't been able to figure out how (if possible) to paint them so that they glow a yellow(?) color with the dark blue or purple trim of the cloak surrounding it. (I'm up for suggestions on colors as well).


I'm begging for any suggestions/tips or just a friendly statement that I'm wasting my time with these runes:D


Thanks for looking! I still need to clean him up and do some highlighting before he is done but C&C welcome!


IMG_1987.thumb.JPG.966a5b94b450dd8406db219645c28bc4.JPG     IMG_1988.thumb.JPG.71f0d8f1c5f44624dc254bdd4f720711.JPG



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The easiest type of a glow effect entails reverse highlighting. Use a very light yellow or off-white in the center of each rune, then come in with a darker yellow, leaving a very thin stripe of the highest highlight in the center. Then repeat again leaving very narrow strips of the first two colors. Repeat until you're satisfied or insanity ensues. :rolleyes:


To sell the effect more, you would need to paint in just a hint of the rune color as a diffuse filter on the places where it would shine. If you try this (it's called OSL or Object Source Lighting if you want to search for tutorials), make sure that the reflected light is less bright than the runes, since they're the notional source.

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Were it me, I'd probably paint the runes first, since I suspect it will be more fiddly to get very small shading down into those spaces. Then, when that's done, use the basecoat of the trim to clean up the edges and mistakes from the rune painting.

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