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'Old Salt' 28mm Fantasy Pirate Miniatures Cut'u


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About this project


  Macrocosm Miniatures is a small UK miniature company based in Gloucestershire. We set up back in 2015 with a few Sci-Fi miniatures and since then the ranges have grown to hundreds of miniatures including Fantasy and Fantasy/Historical.


Continuing our Pirate run, we are looking to raise £1000 to pay for production moulding of these miniatures. Upon reaching the funding goal we will get the miniatures straight into moulds and start spinning up pledges for people.

By supporting us in this project you will be getting the miniatures faster and cheaper than if you waited for them to come to retail.



The Crew £40 The Crew £40

The Crew miniatures are 28mm scale, cast in a white metal (containing a small trace of lead) and come with a 25mm round plastic base.

The Crew pledge represents a £9 (20% ) saving over individual purchase.

Also available in single, smaller, packs as Add-Ons below


'Where to next?' we hear you cry! Well we have plans for a few more miniatures to be added to this project at certain points if we can hit the funding for them. 


£1500 - Cut'u Grenadiers, Hookmen and Pistoliers (armed with 2 pistols) £2000 - Angler Fishmen Ogres. 4 New bigger sculpts.



The Captain £5 add on The Captain £5 add on

 The Captain £5.

Command £6 Command £6

  Pack 1 - Command. 1 Banner Bearer, 1 Drummer and a 1st Mate £6.  

Axemen £6 Axemen £6

 Pack 2 - Axemen. 4 different Axe armed Cut'u £6.  

Swordsmen £6 Swordsmen £6
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