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Skoli figs

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Want to slip this race into campaign.

Any background or sources.



There's the Dark Heaven Apocalypse box set that has a little, but you're probably better off writing your own.


And you're probably better off changing your post text to something a little higher-contrast.

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See if the erratta is up still. They might have something there. Or hey! Reaper guys! Any info you can pass on about Skoli so we can work up stats and idea for our use? The Dark Heaven book is very scanty on info. on Skoli.

 And Frosch is right. On that gray the blue is very hard to read.

Lady Tam

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You are sincerely welcome.

With a response like this I will spend more time here.


I painted my female skoli with off white skin tones and brilliant white armor.

Silver and red accents. Kept it simple and it worked for me.


Now I regret not ordering the male and more would make my year.

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white? very interesting! I like it, though I chose a blue-ish theme for the skin, I might paint one with white armor.


as for the stats: ROCK ON! I'm excited as heck about that. Never expected it - at least I didn't expect it before they came out with another world book!


hope it lives up to my expectations! Oh wait, it's Reaper: of course it will!


Now if only we can get them to do some skoli in the Warlord line! a skoli in the midst of action the way lola is would rock my world.

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The d20 stats for the Skoli were supposed to go into the latest Casket Works; but sadly, got cut for space. (Dang catalog! 5000 miniatures and people *still* can't get enough!)


In any case, we're hoping to share them with you soon.


--Robert E. Allen III

Reaper Miniatures Writing Monkey

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