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Ma'aldrakar - Rainforest

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If you're still looking for input on the white head, you might also want to look to the galah for inspiration.  Annoying little buggers, but they do have a cool combination of colors with the gray and pink: 




Some pinkish or grey tones (perhaps on the throat) could be an interesting tie in.


Either way, all of these heads look AMAZING.  I am grateful talented folks are tackling Mal right away so I can get some ideas :)

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Looking great! I definitely like the blue with the white, but not sure about the red. I don't dislike it. I am just unsure about it.


I am loving the body, and am perfectly content with you making all the decisions. I have faith in you.

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4 hours ago, Sirithiliel said:

Began base coating the body and blocking in possible patterns 


Looking fantastic so far and I envy your bravery for doing this model! I'd think blending some scales into one another later on like this picture below would be cool and maybe help ease the red/black heads into this tropical beauty.

Heck maybe even looking at native face painting could give this guy a neat twist.

Image result for tropical lizard

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