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Ok so a little background, a friend of mine had this mini laying around for many years.  He had inherited it from a friend many years ago and it had been primed, sort of. It was covered in a really nasty thick white paint that covered much of the detail.  He asked me if I would paint it and I said sure.  I tried all of the usual stuff to remove the paint with little success then resorted to oven cleaner which worked but I don't recommend it as the fumes are nasty.  So here she is hope you like her.








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Oven cleaner?  Eww...  Gotta say though, she looks....uh.  Her PAINT JOB looks fantastic!  She...she looks like Harley Quinn and a space marine had a lovechild that was raised by a drug-addled Eldar scorpion.  Kudos!

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