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Icingstead Musician & Standard Bearer Proxies

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Anyone have any proxy suggestions for the Musician and/or Standard Bearer for the Icingstead faction?


I found 02271 - Bruce O'Hugh (highland bagpiper looking figure) to possibly use as a Barbarian Musician, but haven't found anything else to use as proxies for the desired pieces.


Thanks!! ::D:

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10 minutes ago, SirArthurIV said:

Unfortunately One might have to model or greenstuff a banner or drum.

Well, as much as I dispise bagpipes, sone people do classify bagpipists(?) as musicians . . . 

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9 hours ago, Xherman1964 said:

This one could easily be transformed into a banner bearer.




Well.... since the White Witch is likely to be in a given army, I was thinking something a bit different, but most of the barbarians that I could find were not wearing furs that would be indicative of a cold climate.

.... then I found this:

http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/barbarian human/sku-down/02183

...though I'm not quite sure how it would look, and I was actually looking for a male barbarian.

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1 hour ago, Humansquish said:

Thats a nice figure. I would get 77313 and put a thread bobbin in his hand for a drum.

I can certainly see that being a sweet conversion to a musician for this faction ::):

...now if only we could get a matching standard bearer.

(...am I really that hard to please? lol )

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