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May (ish) and June RPChallenge

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Ok so early May kinda train-wrecked for me and my family so I really haven't had much time to write it up until now, apologies for the delay.

Please see the main post here for rules, questions and general chatter, while using this thread to keep a list of links to your show-offs or show-off related comments in a single post: A reminder to please adhere to miniatures posting guidelines as usual.
All the information you need should be here.

Due to the revised format, there will be more than one bonus challenge available for this month. Including a "Hard mode" which Is some combination that may or may not have a source behind it.

May and June 2017

Your challenge is: 9!

Bonus Challenge: The First!
Beware the Batman. In May 2014, this series first aired on Adult Swim. Paint a character you want to resemble a hero or villain from the series. Characters in the series may be found here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beware_the_Batman

Bonus Challenge: The Second!

Spirit of Summer. No, no the mini, but you can do that if you wish. Paint a mini that embodies the spirit of summer to you. It can be a character in certain colors, a water scene, or (a personal favorite) a campfire.

Hard Mode Challenge!
Roulette Triad.

I used a highly scientific method of shooting rubber bands at the wall above my paint racks and seeing where it falls to choose three colors. All three must be used, and only these three (If you have specific colors: Great! if not, reasonable approximations are allowed, please ask if you have a question)
Clear Yellow
Carrot Top Red
Gem Purple

Good luck

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Top Posters In This Topic

Top Posters In This Topic

May and June


Reaper Bones:

3 x Avatars of Djelibeybi 77338, 77339, 77340

1 x Water Weird 77310

1 x Spirit of the Forest 77184 (*Spirit of Summer bonus challenge)

1 x Large Earth Elemental 77185

1 x Large Fire Elemental 77082

1 x Large Water Elemental 77311



Reaper Metal:

1 x Eye Beast 02712



1 x Tardog Wolfskinner, Ogre Vagabond


3D printed:

1x Axolote Beholder


Shadows of Brimstone:

1 x The Burrower

8 x The Doorways into Darkness

13 x The Scourge Rats & Rat Nest

6 x Bandits

3 x Harvesters from Beyond


Painted so far in May: 36

Painted so far in June: 6


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I think A giant anthropomorphic hippo best exemplifies the spirit of summer for me ... for um reasons.. a little help here ? 

painting giant hippo guy is fun.  

i have got it!  because the hippo body type is seen too often on summer beaches.  I considered re-sculpting him to a speedo but didn't want to risk causing SAN loss. 


1 Spring over a log (1 month late) 

2. male barbarian 

3. Wizadress (from DDS2) 

4. Minotaur Hero

5. gnome druidess (icon) 

6. Winter, ranger

7. Yeti (bones 3)

8-9. Savage Hippo Avatar 3

10. Alien Jedi 3 (Whiphid), a yeti conversion 

11. Skeleton Archer 

12. hell-knight, order of scourge  

13-14. Eregris Darkfathom  and Tiik Baron


in progress (revised 6-20)

Mountain Man (KoD)  WIP

Viking 3

PF Iconic Cleric 

77052 Aina, Female Valkyrie



Some of these are not so much "in progress"  as started and then abandoned to my self of shame.

I am having some trouble abandoning things this month. 


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May/June Goal:  9


#1:  Talisman 4th Edition Druid

#2:  Talisman 4th Edition Assassin

#3:  Talisman 4th Edition Dwarf

#4:  Talisman 4th Edition Troll

#5:  Talisman 4th Edition Minstrel

#6-7:  Privateer Press Nephilim Soldier

#8:  14552: Sylph  

#9:  01440: The Nativity Wise Man #2

#10:  Summoning Circle and Conjured Face


Current Cycle: 10

2017 YTD:  34 / 52

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May/June Goal: 9


#1: 03240: Olaf, Viking Chieftain

#2 (Projected): 02488 Cave Troll Champion

#3 (Projected): 77005 Ogre Chieftain

#4 (Projected): Wargames Foundry Aztec #1

#5 (Projected): Wargames Foundry Aztec #2

#6: TBD

#7: TBD

#8: TBD

#9: TBD


The school year wraps up very soon, so my grades are all done and I have just a little work left to do for grad school.  My goal is to crank out 2 per week in June and catch up!

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1-3: exchange figs


And that was it.  After almost 2 and a half years I hit a dry spell.  The track open, a week in Montreal, too many loved ones in hospitals for various reasons, all took up time and energy. And I seem to have developed some tendinitis in both wrists I should be taking care of, I guess.

Not sure how I'll do over the next 2 months either, but hopefully by September/October I get back in the grove and get caught up on my yearly numbers.


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