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Werebear 167 Bones III

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...remember forest fires prevent bears. That is an UBERCOOL miniature AND BEAUTIFULLY painted...I like the muzzle tones. Despite causing a Smokey moment, OUTSTANDING WORK!

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16 minutes ago, Baldur8762 said:

That is a very friendly looking ursanthrope!  I love the bright colours and the base!


I agree.  It is refreshing actually to see an animal-human hybrid who is not looking totally blood thirsty.  


Nice job with the paint Werewolvians!  Looks like a fun one with a few neat details that you wouldn't get with an ordinary animal.

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It looks fantastic and the bones look like they have improved this KS the detail is very impressive but I have not painted a bones that was released recently so bones 3 should be a pleasant surprise. The last ones I did were imef guys and they were a little rough

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That's a great looking bear.  Reminds me of the Country Bears from Disney.  If only he had a moonshine jug instead of a battle axe.

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nice job, keep up the good work on the rest of your bones. Looking forward to seeing more

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      Werecrocodile. Yup, a werecrocodile. Presumably someone survived getting bitten by a croc and then turned the following full moon, tearing off all their clothes to waddle down to the river and burble at the moon?
      So now we are just waiting for the WereDuckbilledPlatypus and WereMoose with baited breath. Maybe in Bones 5?
      Thankfully this mini does not have any clothing, armour, weapons or other items about it's person. This can work as a monstrous beast of any kind. Even a Kaiju in a game of Epic.
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