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Figure melting point

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I was wondering what kind of alloy the figures are made of. I want to have one coated in vantablack, but I don't know if they can withstand 300° temperatures unscathed. For those who don't know, this coating reflects virtually all light and makes anything appear 2D. Perfect for making shadow minis if this works.

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They're made from a proprietary high-tin alloy. I don't know what the melting point is, but when you reach it, they're basically tin solder and will turn to puddles. My experience* has been that they're fine at 200-225, but I've never run the temp up higher than that.


* My experience is no guarantee of your future performance. If you try anything like that, you're on your own. Let us know what happens, though.


For Science!

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I went to my pewter supplier and looked at all of the lead-free varieties available.  The lowest temp melting point listed was 466 deg F.  Versions with lead get down in the 350 deg F range, but that is no longer used in mini casting.  As long as you keep it under 350 deg F and use modern lead-free pewter, you should be fine.


That said, I'd still run a test on a sprue or other piece of scrap.

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According to the Encyclopedia Internettica (Wikipedia), you need 400degrees C to deposit VantaBlack.

that's 752degrees F, so possibly a bit too high?


Leaded Pewter IS still in use some places, but not in the USA.

Prince August in the UK even sells casting tools and blocks of leaded pewter for home casting because of the lower temperature.

( Higher temp = requires more vents and also faster wear of the mould)


Also, VantaBlack does NOT reflect light. It's in fact the best material currently available to STOP reflections.

(up to 99.965% of the light is absorbed)


Where do you get the stuff anyways?

(There's export restrictions on it, and not exactly something you can find in a local paint store)


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1 hour ago, Gadgetman! said:

Leaded Pewter IS still in use some places, but not in the USA.


High lead content white metals are still used in figure casting in the US. (See Old Glory 15s, for instance.)


Reaper, to my knowledge, does not advertise its figures as "lead-free". Further, the last information I saw from Reaper employees is that Reaper's metal minis may contain a small percentage of lead.

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I cannot give an official answer, but I know that Reaper miniatures meet or exceed the regulations for lead content in miniatures, which are highly regulated, for laws pertaining to all 50 states, the US federal government, Canada, and the EU.


Lead can be a scary and controversial subject, so to prevent misinformation, I am locking this thread until such time as an Official answer to the original question can be made by an authorized Reaper employee. I have messaged Reaperbryan, as I believe he is best suited to answer this question and allay your concerns.


Thank you for your understanding.

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