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Great work.  Every time I see one of the models from Crocodile Games KS, I get sad for missing it.  ::(:

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7 hours ago, hdclearman said:

Great work.  Every time I see one of the models from Crocodile Games KS, I get sad for missing it.  ::(:

Thanks, I'm hoping they release them to the general public on their web site soon!

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Wow! Fantastic work on this figure! The colors looks wonderful together, and your blending is so smooth! :wub:



--OneBoot :D

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Thanks OneBoot!

With this figure and togas, I wanted to try to get a richly colorful color for his toga. I'd read somewhere that the commoner in Greek society would normally wear white, but that upper class and noble Greeks often dressed in bright colors, so being he was a god, that's pretty upper class, so wanted a nice color and for a god of booze, purple seemed to go nicely!

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Thanks very much Chaoswolf and Cyradis! Chris Fitzpatrick did a great job on sculpting these Greek mythology figures!

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    • By R2ED
      Goblin Menace indeed!  I was doing fine with the other group of goblins I did 2 weeks ago, but these little green bast...guys were not as fun.  
      * Found an EXCELLENT new paintbrush - Master's Touch from Hobby Lobby.  Dang! I've been missing this level of spring in the bristles and fine edge with them.  Love it. 
      * Tried diluting steel color with black ink to help with application.  Worked great!  Will do again.
      * Switched the Sta-Wet Palette paper that came with it to just simple parchment paper.  I don't know who uses the actual paper in the Sta-Wet Palette, but that stuff is terrible!  
      * Still using as much breast cancer awareness color pink (got like 4 bottles...need to use!)
      * dry brushing the hair came out much better this time.  Lighter touch and more layers - worked better.
      * Eyes this time were more difficult.  Tried doing those chibi eyes, but it wasn't as expressive this time.  
      * Tried a base color of off-white in the eye - also didn't seem to give as much character to them.
      * Washed with Agrax Earthshade around the major bends and muscles.  Didn't seem to work as well this time.  I think it's time to try that black lining on the next goblin and see if Iike that instead.
      * using the new brushes have a bit of a learning curve to them.  Much more springy and reduced my need for pressure, however this caused some interesting streaks when I didn't mean to.  
      * I did it again! I tried using my finger to dab off an excess streak and ended up taking off some of the baselayer AND primer.  With that being the second time it's happened - the best way I can describe what I did was the scene in Top Gun where the flight tower Captain gets a second fly-by.  
      Overall the color of Goblin skin still works great, but basecoat of VCG Flat Green may not have been best.  May just add black to Goblin Skin and then lighten it up as I go next time.  
      Attempted different primers on them:
      Girl with spear - primed in black with Vallejo Black spray primer
      Chainmail goblin - primed in Vallejo Leather Brown spray primer (didn't like that as much...)
      Stone chuckers - both of them were done in paint-on Vallejo grey primer.  (worked best)
      Overall, they aren't bad, but they aren't my best.  Once I base them I'll feel better.  Might even go back after a few days to touch them up to see if I can straighten out the things I missed.
      As always - open to feedback.  Thanks for the tips on the Metallics thread.  I put it to use, but still learning.

    • By KruleBear

      I checked out the Scooby Doo cooperative game play looks like something fun to play with the kids (since he will probably be 10 when it delivers )
    • By Restless
      This is Thrasios, a triton ranger and one of the players in my D&D 5e Theros campaign. I built this mini in Hero Forge according to the player's description and added my own touches to it. For example, I was inspired by the neon tetra fish in painting the skin and I used Greek hoplite reference pictures to paint the armor.

    • By dks
      Here is my rendition of Pegasus, figure #516 in the Greek Odyssey expansion for the Bones V Kickstarter.
      I love the sense of motion, grace, and power in Julie Guthrie's sculpt.
      This is a resin master figure, not a production piece in Bones plastic. 




      It took me waaaaay too long to paint this.  I got the figure more than a year ago but I couldn't decide on a color.  I ruled out the traditional "white horse with white wings" but that still left ... well, infinity-minus-one options. 
      I imagine this Pegasus flying along a sunny rocky coast.
      The pale buckskin colors are inspired by a photo of a mustang, and the wings by the juvenile (brown) plumage of some species of gulls, which I found in Sibley's encyclopedic bird book.  When I painted Reaper's peryton (also sculpted by Julie Guthrie), I took my cue from hawk wings, but this time I looked at birds other than raptors.  These wings seem to have a different shape from most hawks or eagles (falcons maybe), and I figured that Pegasus wouldn't have the colors of a carnivore/raptor.
      The turquoise-blue eyes tie in with the color of the water below.
    • By Glitterwolf

      NOTE: You can choose one demo monster ( skull or abberattion) I chose a batwinged skull and added horns to try it.
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