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77959 - Bones 3 Graveyard Expansion (and bonus 77137

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I love the verdigris & copper look you went with for your rooftop!  I'm definitely going to do something like that for my own mausoleum.  Also, I love the glowing purple rune circle.  (For my purposes, I'll likely go with Necrotite Green instead, for a more Cryx-branded look.  :)  )


I've got my graveyard set, and it's the first thing I'm working on getting painted up.  The mausoleum is satisfyingly solid plastic, and holds up well to a spray-paint base coat.  Although certain pieces require glue (the front peak, the spiky roof insert, and the hinge section), most of it holds together pretty solidly by pressure alone.


I'm slightly disappointed that:


a) The mausoleum doesn't "nest" on the base in any discernible way.  There's no inset or anchor or any such thing to make it clear where it's supposed to go, and if I lift it off to access minis inside, it has no obvious "footprint."  (This has its pros and cons, however....)


b) The roof doesn't lift off.  It pretty much needs to be inserted BEFORE locking on the last of the front or rear pieces, and then it's pretty securely held in place.  Interior decor seems kind of moot with the roof in place, but I suppose it has its role if someone does a deliberately "ruined" build of the mausoleum.


HOWEVER!  The floor tile piece is pretty handsome.  If I had a dozen or a score of these, I could make a hard plastic dungeon tile set.  (Okay, so all the rooms would be the same size and have that same runic circle in the middle, yeah, but I think I could come up with ways to work around that.)  I anticipate that even when I'm not using the mausoleum, I'll get some use out of the base tile.



The fencing is just as solid as the mausoleum.  There's no "interlocking" to the pieces, and the joining columns are a bit too wobbly to be entrusted to stand reliably on their own, so for practical purposes I'll probably have to glue together several sections.  I got an extra set of the wall sections, which gave me +1 gate, and twice the big fence, small fence, and columns in the base graveyard set.  The set arrived uncannily just in time for a stage in my Iron Kingdoms campaign where I can make use of the mausoleum fences as creepy wall sections for a Cryx-themed dungeon.  My notion is that they'll make nice-looking dividers for dungeon tiles, but since they are FENCES, after all, it'll be possible to see minis that happen to be on the other side of a barricade.  


This is an ongoing problem when I try to use miniatures scenery for RPGs: What works for a wargame is sometimes impractical for RPGs, because there are several players all parked in specific points around the table, and it's inconvenient for them to get up and peer over intervening terrain -- let alone walk around the table for a better look -- to notice miniatures and tokens on the other side of some LOS-blocking barrier.  Hence, even though I use Hirst Arts blocks a lot, I prefer to make my wall sections much shorter than the ones used for dioramas on the Hirst Arts site -- i.e., 1/2" tall, vs. the 1+" high walls used for those setups.



Gravestones in the add-on box are also in hard plastic, though for some reason they're white rather than the dark grey of the mausoleum and fences.  They're nicely detailed, some having decorative elements on both front and back.  They're thin and fall over easily, so for practical use I'll need to either make some "grave" pieces that they're permanently affixed to, or else permanently incorporate them into a complete terrain tile.


Archway & Steps:

There's a hard plastic scenery / framing element that comes in the form of an archway that affixes to a raised dais.  I think this is intended as a display base for a figure, but I can think of various ways to use it for terrain as well.  Once this actually comes out in stores, I may have to get SEVERAL copies of this piece.  I could probably use the archway for door markers, and the dais?  I can find all sorts of uses for that.


Crypts & Monuments:

The remaining larger monuments and crypts are in the regular Bonesium plastic.  For the most part, this works fine, but I had to do the boiling-water treatment for a few pieces -- particularly the two large columns -- and I'm not quite sure that my efforts really "took."  (I thought I had those columns straightened out, so I started painting them, but when I looked at my work area this morning, they looked to be bowed slightly to the side again.)  Also, the two larger crypt pieces have a section of flagstone floor around them that in both cases bowed up slightly at the edges (though I didn't notice this until I started painting them).  I may end up just trimming this section off rather than dealing with the hassle of trying to get it to straighten out with hot water.


One-sided Archway:

There's an archway that appears to be the same design as the doorway for the mausoleum (or very similar -- I didn't closely compare the two yet), which has a smooth, flat back.  This was made of regular Bonesium material, rather than the hard plastic of the mausoleum.  Assuming the soft Bonesium costs less (?) I'm guessing this is a more budget-friendly solution for doorway pieces for terrain decoration, meant to be affixed against a building wall, etc.  If I glued two of them back-to-back, it might work as an archway for a dungeon.  (The door might seem a bit big, but thanks to scale creep, my old dungeon door collection looks woefully shrimpy for the size of monsters expected to squeeze through those doors to torment the adventurers.  I can USE some bigger doors.)


Miscellaneous Graveyard Monsters:

The burrowing worm appears to be a multi-part model, but came already assembled.  It looks like it'll be interesting to paint, though it has an awful lot in the way of smooth, slick surfaces that I fear paint is going to rub off of easily.  (For the Bonesium, I've been going for brush-on primer rather than spray paint, but the brush-on primer really needs some sort of texture to the surface to get a lasting grip on.)


The graveyard golem is multipart, requiring the arms and "wings" to be added separately, but they plug together fairly easily.  This guy is BIG.  I was going to put him on a 50mm base, but I think that might be slightly too small.  (60mm, perhaps?)


I love the little pumpkin-headed guys.  What with pumpkin-headed adversaries being part of the new Grymkin faction for Warmachine/Hordes, I think I might soon have a role for them in my Iron Kingdoms campaign.


The lich and his destroyed crypt came together in a little mini-bag.  I'm utterly indecisive about whether I should use the destroyed crypt as decoration for the lich's base, or whether I should use it as graveyard terrain.  So many choices!


Both of the ghosts look nice.  (They'd look NICER in translucent plastic, like the ghosts from the last Kickstarter, but I can work with this.)  I'm currently tied up in indecision about what color of glowiness I should give them.  I guess I've been spoiled by Ghostbusters, and their wide range of neon colors that spooky things might come in.  


I also have a Bonesium buzzard on a tombstone who technically wasn't part of the Graveyard Expansion (I think he was in the main Bones set), but I've consigned him to the Mausoleum cluster of minis currently on my worktable.  He just seems to naturally fit in.


I'll try to post some pictures, once there's anything worth showing-and-telling.  I'm simultaneously anxious about and looking forward to playing with the graveyard fence sections and trying to figure out the best way to assemble them for maximum flexibility (since I plan on keeping them as modular as I can manage, rather than permanently anchoring them down to a terrain board).


Overall, despite my minor misgivings over a few petty points, this is a pretty AWESOME expansion collection.  If stores sell the expansion box as a unit, I think it's a pack that would make a lot of sense.  It's also the sort of thing where, if I had gotten TWO copies of this Expansion, I could probably still find a use for it all.


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The Buzzard was with the Bones Chibis.


Lovely work on the crypt. Love that roof!!

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On 6/1/2017 at 9:52 PM, Guyscanwefocusplease said:

I was wondering where that buzzard came from. I didn't see on any of my mini lists.  Still can't figure out what group it was supposed to go with, actually.



It comes with these two:




Notice the vulture on Mr Bones' shoulder? They made it a separate piece during the updates.

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Experimenting with a Sandstone for the main structure of the crypt.  Tamiya Flat Earth, somewhat heavily dry brushed over the Grey, and then covered in a wash...waiting to see it dry to see if I like it, but figured I'd share the wet look with you all.


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I haven't had a problem popping off the roof.  The fit for the walls is tight enough that I don't plan on gluing it (that way I can remove a wall or two for a more ruined look).  I can pop off the roof from the underside fairly easily.  

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