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Happy birthday, Auberon!

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    • By SparrowMarie
      I turned 30 a month ago. I celebrated it by having a game day and dressing up like an elf and going into the woods nearby-ish and do fun photos. We had fun with faerie lights. These are my favorites. Spoiled for possibly large photos.
      I'll post my (hopefully) public FB album to see all of them when they are up on there.
    • By Generic Fighter
      So, time for a last grind to level up! So, what skills do you want to learn? What talents do you want to improve? Any crap you want to retrain?
    • By ttuckerman
      Felicitations on your personal solstice!
    • By Glitterwolf
      Happy Birthday @dsmiles !!!
    • By Auberon
      Sometime last year I showed off a garage kit that I picked up.  It has been gathering dust since, but recently I did a little more prep work on it and primed the head.  Now I know a lot of times you'll see these kits given a sold coat of paint and not much else, but I've decided to approach it much like a smaller scale figure. 
      First, some skin.  I just blocked things in and then did a little smoothing on the upper right.

      I"m not too worried about the sides of her face because once she has the rest of her hair it won't really be visible.  Still, while it's off I'll go ahead and give myself some practice working at this scale.

      Then tonight I spent more time fighting my wet pallet than actually painting.  The consistency got off and now I need to go back a fix some blends.  In the meantime I used my well pallet and blocked in her eyes.  Next paint session I'll clean them up and decide what direction she's looking.

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