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Mortal Arrow

Tikki Trolls by Mortal Arrow

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Paul Muller has begun sculpting a tribe of Maori warrior-themed trolls.  All arms and heads are interchangeable for customizing your gang of trolls to have its own unique look.  Go feral with claw and tooth alone.  Add some fearsome leiomano war clubs and bone-barbed spears. Turn up the regeneration factor with an array of mutated troll body parts.  Or go macabre, with gruesome “living” weapons and arachnid augmentations. This tribe will have up to 9 different all-metal miniatures from 38mm to 54mm tall.

  This first Kickstarter project will be of a manageable size and well controlled.

I’d be remiss not to mention that Pedro Navarro has sculpted some terrifying pets for the Tikki Trolls including, Giant Pedipalps, Giant Rhino Beetles, a Giant Slug from Hell and a Colossal Rhino Beetle the size of a house.

Take a look – your feedback is important. Thanks!


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So I just got an e-email from Mortal Arrow minis:


Thanks for your past business with Mortal Arrow! I know that the Fractured Dimensions line of devils and demons may have initially attracted you to Mortal Arrow’s webstore, but I hope that our new miniatures will keep you coming back. With that in mind I thought you might be interested in a new KickStarter I’m running for a line of “old school” Trolls sculpted by Paul Muller.  As you may know, Paul sculpted most of the demon and devil for Fractured Dimensions. These Polynesian warrior-themed trolls will be cast in all metal, and will range from 36mm to 54mm tall. You can check out an early preview of the KickStarter here:




This isn't live until tomorrow night...

But I think my wallet is in trouble....

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The Kickstarter is now live. Thanks for your words of encouragement and support.  The goal is to keep the project at a level that is easy to manage and carries almost no risk for me or for the Backers. For example, many of the sculpts are finished, master molds made and limited product runs in hand.


My hope is that if this is successful, then Mortal Arrow can continue to pull iconic RPG humanoid types (both evil and good) out of canon and place them into different cultural milieus. To let you know, Lin’Chi and I have consciously developed our fantasy universe to be antithetical to the all too commonly used European cultures. There are so many interesting aspects from other ancient cultures to be explored. I hope that some of you will find it interesting too.

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I really like the totems. I'm in right now for a troll and some totems, but I wanted to know if I could just get the totems in case money gets tight. 

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Part of this conversation regarding the use of cultural characteristics in miniatures has been moved to beekeepers.

Please refrain from further such discussion in this thread.

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Thes Hunter - thanks for the compliment on the Totems. You bring up a good point. I'm fine with you using funds that way for the Troll Warrior reward level, but maybe I should have a $5 Add-On Only Reward to avoid confusion.  I hadn't really considered this.

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A couple things of interest for the Tikki Troll project:

1) We’ve added Bags of Bugs to the initial list of Add-Ons. These will include a Bag of Beetlings and a Bag of Arachlings (little Pedipalps).  Both sets of small bugs will be sculpted by Pedro Navarro.  The Bag of Beetlings is actually complete and I’ve included a few pics (courtesy of Pedro). These Add-Ons will be $5 for each bag. I’m not quite sure how many will be in each bag, but will be in the range of 4 to 12.

2) We'll be running a contest every two to four days. Winners will get free stuff (all types of miniatures from Mortal Arrow's vaults). Anyhow, to play you must back. So if you're considering to be a Backer, join in early for some fun puzzles, riddles etc.


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Thanks Joshua! Let's try to give Paul Muller some extra work this summer. :-)

I may be making this project a bit more collaborative than I intended with the Backers because, you know, it's nice to give the customer what they want. It's also more fun from my perspective. So comments and feedback on the Kickstarter page are always welcome from any of the Backers. Cheers!

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Just passed the Funding Level!  Thanks to all of the Backers.  Now we have a bit more than three weeks to add as many minis as possible. First up is my personal favorite, the Arachnid Rider Set. The Tikki Troll rider will be sculpted by Paul Muller and the Giant Pedipalp has already been sculpted by Pedro Navarro. Take a look at the artwork by Bobby Penafiel and let me know what you think. Just $2,500 in Pledges gets us their.

Arachnid Rider Main v1.jpg

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