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Bones 3 Checklist!!


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Here what I've been working on the last few hours!!!




Checklist is in Google Drive & I opened the link up so if anyone wants to change things, Feel free. Note I based this off the checklist that someone(thanks!) did that was linked on here when Bones 3 first started. Big Thanks!

So far I've only got the Dark Heaven tagged items finished or 90% finished ::): I'll finish the other lines later tonight & update.


As far as the multi pack figures like the goblins & such. I just placed the Reaper catalog numbers on the groups till we know what is in what.


There are a few things I can't figure out:

Logar & his items. I know I've seen these before but I can't find them on B3 or B2. Heck Andy (Tailspinner) told me at ReaperCon the noose is flexible!!). So any help would be nice.


Also the Closed chest (77626) I have no idea what this is either.


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Thanks everyone, it was long (for me) but I'm happy I decided to do one up. Ok, other lines have been updated. I didn't do bases or paints. Note, In Dark Heaven there are a couple of Lizardman. They are from a previous Bones campaign so I didn't add them other then list them.


I will update the links for the Core Set figures. I'll break them down in their groups as shown in the Kickstarter like the other "packs".

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13 hours ago, Arikiel said:

Nice. How did you get the Reaper Catalog Numbers?


The 4 page flyer that is coming with Bones 3 shipments. It was posted on here somewhere.


Also pretty sure Logar & his "toys" came out after the pledge manager opened. Probably, why I can't find them. The closed chest I have no idea what that is other then a "closed chest".

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Closed Chest is in Town Extras a Pledge Manager Power Up.  Along with the Bar, Fireplace, Hearth Fire, cauldron with stand, Gallows and Headsman. See Update #51.


Also 77534 tombstones are KS# '386,387,388,389,390,391,392


Thus 12 (or more) SKUs are not determined the 6 weapons which may turn into 18 (three types of weapons six colors) and the six of the seven Town extras.  This may change also if the fire is bundled with the fireplace and if the headsman is bundled with the gallows.


Oh I forgot the two pathfinders that were not listed in the flyer.

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Ok, thanks for the chest. I figured it was part of that town items as they were the only ones I couldn't fully remember where I saw them last. Got the 2 Pathfinder guys as well.


Since I didn't get the goblins I did see a shot someone put on ebay, If I remember correctly the way the look on the KS page appears to be the way they get packaged as they are 3 to a sprue.


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