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As I pondered my choice of wizard for my new monstrous Frostgrave warband, I slowly realized there was only one choice really.  I put his witch, cat, and cauldron into he shopping cart around Halloween time.  I knew I needed one for any legitimate Halloween display of miniatures.  But it had sat unpainted in the blister for a few months while other things took priority.


Back to the frostgrave war band.  So I chose witch as my wizard's school and proceeded to fill the ranks of soldiers with monstrous members like the horned hunter and a medusa archer, couple of tieflings, and even giant rats as warhounds.  I think I am meant to paint up this witch as the wizard.  She comes with a cat that I'm putting on the base with her and a cauldron that I am not.  The cauldron will make a great prop when playing pathfinder and I already have a place for it in the birthday party adventure I have planned for next week.  However the cauldron needs to sit on a fire or bed of coals or something.  I realized I do not even have a campfire token so that became part of this project.


okay, so first I grabbed two 20 mm bases and glued some small pebbles and gravel to them like so:




Next I had to put the witch and cat on a base.  I cut up an old bones base to fill out the bare base with flagstone shapes and glued down more gravel to fill in some of the gaps.  Finally everything got some black primer.


Witch and cat:



fire pit:



The black Cauldron:



All of this happened over the last couple of days.  Have not had much chance to paint since Friday night since we currently have house guests, but still managed to just start to lay down base coats while everyone else was entertained by part of a movie.  Out pale saffron on the Inside of the cauldron and emanations, the cats eyes, the center coals in the fire pit, and the bat in the witches hand.  No, I am not making the bat yellow.  Honestly did not realize it was a bat until I got the yellow on it.  Now I know.


also mixed wreath green with dusky skin to start on the witch's skin.  Oh and also some vampiric skin for the witches hair and for a quick dry brush on the rocks in the fire pit.


Here is where things stand right now.







Fire pit.



I would love some ideas for colors on that witch besides black and green.  I can't seem to picture anything else.  

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I really like that old hag art.  Enough to try to make the pointy hat a tan color instead of black.  I still went for green skin.  Might be a half Orc witch, and green is just about the only skin color not represented in my warband.  


So so here is where things stand after tonight's session.  





Couldn't decide between brown and purple for the rags, so I did mahogany brown with some purple highlights. The only thing that didn't get some color is the bristles of the broom.







campfire and cauldron



played around with reds and hearth orange in the fire pits. Dry brushed black back over the coals and grey on he rocks and coals outside the ring.  This one is about done.  Maybe one last dry brush layer.



Cauldron on was hit with black and then a metallic black color (craft paint).  The spirits emanating from it got a dry brush of purple and then a wash of the hearth fire. Will probably finish it off with a few hints of green and call it done.







PS - the Liliana art makes me realize I have some gaps to fill in my paint collection where the bright neon pink and purples are concerned.  Ooh, just remembered new paints coming with Bones 3.  Hopefully tomorrow!

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Despite the draw of bones 3 I made myself put an hour into these.  Used new bones 3 colors.  Nmm gold base and shadow for the straw on the broom.  Burgundy wine to shade the witches clothes.  Driftwood to highlight the broomstick.  








but the real magic happened after adding some colors to he cauldron steam and putting it on the fire pit.  It fits just right.













so to finish up I just need to paint the frog on her hat and maybe darken up the bat some more.

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