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Some of us that frequent the Google hang-outs (come check it out, it's quite fun) decided to try doing a 'mini of the month' based on discussion of this particular figure. We have continued doing this, but with Reaper figures since. This guy was the February mini. I'm not late getting him done, the other guys who already finished thiers are over achievers. :lol:

Anyway, here he is, finally. Painted to at or maybe slightly above table top level. Please let me know what you think.






And a couple close ups to prove I did his eyes.






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Go to this thread here:


which will tell you all about it, as well as having the current link.

This thread is pinned at the top of the page in the 'randomness' section.


There's almost always someone on between 7-11pm eastern time; a lot of other folks in different time zones also get on during the day. If you go here:


you can make an announcement that you're getting on as well as checking to see if others are on.

Don't try to read the whole thread (unless you want to), just go to the last page or so; that'll be the most current about who's on.

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