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Sacred Sword 32mm Chibi Miniatures Kickstarter (Live)

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About this project


Sacred Sword is the world that our chibi miniature line belongs to. While the game and the world are not present in this project, it dictates our overall theme and feel. The Sacred Sword line will be a high fantasy world, with a distinctly classic RPG feel. Modeled heavily after your favorite classic JRPG games but with a lot of added character and flair. We hope to provide a compelling universe for both your favorite RPG engine or other games that you want to use these for.

The Sacred Sword miniature line is a Chibi 32mm miniature line. These are cast in spincast resin and unpainted.

We've teamed up with the great crew at Impact Miniatures to produce the best figures at an excellent price and to utilize their vast experience and improve our project as much as possible! I've had a look at a lot of their newest figures and the casting and such are tops! We'll be carefully working with them to ensure every figure is cut well and casts as cleanly as possible



Your funding provides AdventureCraft the needed capital to finish more concept art, sculpting and then casting of an entirely new range of miniatures. We're starting small, with just a few figures. As we reach more funding goals, we'll add new models from you to pick from. And step by step, your feedback and requests will be heard and implemented to create a colorful world. We've already got the first two sculpts finished and ready to go! The Useko Warrior and Forest Goblin are here to show off the quality of the sculpts you can look forward to when you back this project.


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These are the new minis on offer to start with, you can also get access to a selection of Impact! Miniatures chibis that fit into the Sacred Sword world (see the KS for details)


Useko Warrior






Forest Goblin by Yeji Kim






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$300 till Funding!
Posted by Glenn McClune (Creator)

Wow guys, we're doing great!!  I know this project isn't focused on the tiles and such, but I thought I would share some of what I was working on for the game.  This tile is something that I am working on with Dicey Ventures for their launch party for their 2d line.  We'll share more of that later though.



Now remember guys, the best way to make this project succeed is to share and share!  Social media is king here.  Tell your friends, and help us cross that line so we can make it to some stretch goals!!

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Well folks, we're officially a funded project, bringing some great new minis to your tables! 
But we still have a ways to go to get even more options.  The Forest Troll is up next, this is a $10 figure that can be added to your pledge.  He unlocks at $3300, I know there is a little ways to get there, but I have faith, we've got 6 days to spread the word and find backers who want to join us!

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