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First fast bones 3 paints

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Got my bones this afternoon, inventoried, ate lunch, and decided to paint for a couple hours.  These will all be used in an adventure his weekend.


also only painted with bones 3 paints.  


The shield may be used by the dwarf pc in which case I will glue it to the arm holding the spike.  Painted the spike and shield in mushroom themed colors since this character took as her skills craft (mushroom smith) and craft (alchemy with mushrooms).  


Sorry for the poor photos.  Bones 3 have not yet gone downstairs where the photo station is.  








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I did two more quick PC miniatures last night.  The gnome sorcerer (gonna be a halfling for the game) and dwarf rogue.  Again only with bones 3 colors.  Took a pic at the end with all 12 colors used.  I'm very happy with the ultramarine blue on the sorcerer's robe.  






















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OUTSTANDING WORK, Thumb! The Little Folk do deserve some larger photos. I would love a closer look at The Bugs. HOWEVER, even in the small pic they all look WONDERFULLY painted.

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