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David's Blacktongue May Hangout Figure of the Month

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I'm a little (a lot) behind on my threads, and even more so on getting to work on May's figure of the month. It didn't help that I didn't order him until the middle/end of the month.


I started last night... Prep was done in the usual way, first by washing in warm soapy water, then attaching him to the cork. I then cleaned up mold lines, though I missed a few. Mainly the one running across his knuckles on his left hand. Then I painted on a 5:2 brown liner & flow improver mix. As you can see below, I'm working on a few other minis too. The orc and werebat will get their own threads later. 

Image may contain: one or more people and outdoor


Tonight was blocking in base colors, and working a bit on the skin. I'm sticking with the gnoll theme I did way back in the chainmail days with the gnolls all being demonic, to one extent or another. So they all get greyish fleshy faces, hands, and feet. I used Void blue for that, then mixed in cloudy grey to bring the color up. The fur was Nut Brown, with the ruff getting some Vallejo Red Leather. The cloth is Dragon Red, as are the lips. Everything that is going to be metal got a coat of Black. 

Image may contain: one or more people, shoes and indoor

And that's where I'll pick it up tomorrow!


Thanks for looking. C&C welcome!

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I've been slowly making some progress...


Last night I brushed on a mix of nut brown and marigold yellow into the fur. Originally I tried nut brown and warrior flesh, but it didn't work for these guys or for the werebat that I originally mixed up the color for.





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Progress! Mostly working on picking a leather color I like. I needed something that would stand out from the fur, so I ended up going lighter than is planned some darker just blended in.


Also highlighted the skirt by mixing marigold with dragon red. 






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Aside from the base, I think I'm done with Blacktongue. I would say the same for the gnoll warrior, but I forgot the front of his shield!!







Looking at them this morning though, I'm thinking the tuft at the end of their tails should be the same color as their crest.

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