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T'Raukzul as NotBahamut with Custom base

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3d printer for the bases , awesome idea.Can you paint on that material easily? The runes on the steps look really cool. Im lookiñ forward to see this painted.

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Thanks :-)


It prints in a acrylic medium- and loves paint. (I do a little bit of custom mini work and terrain work on occasion for commision using it).


My hands aren't so steady at times so using the computer lets me sculpt still. 


The resin I'll be using for this beast is a transparent blue color- planning on painting everything but leaving the draconic runes and the symbol of bahamut unpainted slightly so that I can put lighting beneath it.


The scale of it though- I'll have to print it in 2-4 pieces.


Debating sculpting some dragons into the pillars and crumbled arch, and still need to add some rubble from the arch.


Picturing it like a top of a temple.

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